Overarching – Understanding Florida’s Energy Systems

Research Projects:

Title:Power Generation Expansion Portfolio Planning to Satisfy Florida’s Growing Electricity Demands

PI: Tapas Das Research Interests and Contact Information

Co-PI:Ralph Fehr

Description: The objectives of the proposed research are to 1) develop a comprehensive generation technology based portfolio optimization (GTPO) model and its solution algorithm, and 2) develop educational resources to enhance training of scientific workforce for the state of Florida. The research will directly address three major challenges: fulfillment of the growing power demand, meeting the emissions targets, and supply of technology workforce. The potential economic impact of the proposed research on the State of Florida is expected to be very high, since an energy-secure environment is a basic necessity to support the current trend of explosive growth both in industry and human resources.

Budget: $71,906

Universities: USF

External Collaborators: Argonne National Lab

November 2011 Annual Report

May 2010 Progress Report

November 2010 Annual Report

May 2011 Semi-Annual Report

Title: Joint Optimization of Urban Energy-Water Systems in Florida

PI: James P. Heaney

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Title: Combined Cooling, Heat, Power, and Biofuel from Biomass and Solid Waste

PI: William Lear

Co-PI: Jacob Chung

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Title: Design, Construction, and Operation of CSP Solar Thermal Power Plants in Florida

PI: Yogi Goswami

Co-PIs: E. Stefanakos, M. Rhman, S. Aydin, R. Reddy

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Title: Development of High Throughput CIGS Manufacturing Process

PI: Neelkanth Dhere

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Title: Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturing Facility to Enable a Significant Manufacturing Enterprise within the State and Provide Clean Renewable Energy

PI: Dan Morel

Co-PIs: Chris Ferekides, Lee Stefanakos

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Title: Research to Improve Photovoltaic Cell Efficiency by Hybrid Combination of PV and Thermoelectric Cell Elements

PIs: Nicoleta Sorloaica-Hickman, Robert Reedy

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Title: An Integrated Sustainable Transportation System

PIs: David Norton, Keith Duncan

Co-PI: Shirley Meng

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Title: PV Energy Conversion and System Integration

PI: I. Batarseh

Co-PIs: J. Shen, Z. Qu, X. Wu, W. Mikhael, L. Chow

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Title: Integrated PV/Storage and PV/Storage/Lighting Systems

PI: Franky So

Co-PIs: Jiangeng Xue, Shirley Meng

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Title:The Future Florida Grid: Ensuring a Reliable and Resilient Electrical Energy Transmission and Delivery System in a Changing Environment

PI: Steinar Dale

Co-PIs: Tom Baldwin, Omar Faruque, James Langston, Peter McLaren, Rick Meeker, Karl Schoder, Mischa Steurer

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Title: Secure Energy Systems

PI: Pramod Khargonekar

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