Smart Grid and Energy Storage

Securing our Energy Storage and Delivery Infrastructure

FESC Expertise and Resources in Smart Grids and Energy Storage


Renewable and reliable energy sources are needed to meet the increased electricity demand in Florida; however renewable energy sources such as solar are intermittent requiring storage solutions. Furthermore, load management and efficient operation will benefit from a storage solution. In the electric storage area, the Consortium faculty is working towards improving battery and capacitor based storage. The consortium is also working on developing large scale Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP).

To reduce system-wide power outages and for more stable and reliable power delivery, the Consortium is pursuing research in microgrids and smartgrids. Microgrids provide islanding capabilities allowing grids to separate from each other. This streamlines integration of both stationary and non-stationary energy storage devices. Smartgrids allow control strategies and two way communications via Smart Meter system, provide intelligent energy management and improve energy efficiency.

Faculty University Expertise Department or Position
Alan George UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Reconfigurable, parallel, distributed, and fault-tolerant computing; High-performance computer architectures, networks, systems, services, and applications; Interdisciplinary problems bridging computational science and computer engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alberto A. Sagues USF Knowledge Thrust: Other

Metals, metallurgy, instrumentation

Distinguished Professor, Civil & Environ. Eng.
Ali Raissi UCF – FSEC Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Hydrogen production and storage, detection and sensing

Director, Advanced Energy Research Division
Amir Abtahi FAU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems; Systems Integration

Fuel Cell Design and Optimization; Energy and Thermal Systems; Systems Dynamics; Modeling; Solar Energy

Ocean and Mechanical Engineering
Ashok Kumar USF Knowledge Thrust: Other

Nanotechnology, thin films, sensors, surface science

Dept. of Mechanical Eng., Nanomaterials & Nanomanufacturing
Balaji Padmanabhan USF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Socio-economics

Data mining and data-driven decision making with a focus on learning from Web clickstream data; Applications such as behavioral profiling; Recommender systems and online fraud detection

Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Bill (William) Laing FAU Knowledge Thrust: Other

Hydrokinetic energy conversion, ocean turbine dynamometer – Hydrokinetic Energy Conversion; 22 kW Ocean Turbine Dynamometer; Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

SE National Marine Renewable Energy Center
Burton Krakow USF Knowledge Thrust: Energy storage

Hydrogen production & storage; Fuel cells; Energy systems; Hybrid/electric vehicles

Clean Energy Research Center
Charles McClure FSU Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Information policy research

Director, Information Use Management & Policy Institute
Charles Martin UF Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Electrochemical energy production, nanostructured electrodes for Li-ion batteries

Professor, Chemistry
Chris Edrington FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems

Control systems; Applied power electronics; Electrical machinery/variable speed drives; Renewable energy sources that utilizes cutting edge theory and technology

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chunlei (Peggy) Wang FIU Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Synthesis, characterization, processing and integration of multifunctional materials

Mechanical & Materials Engineering
David Brown UF Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Financial Distress, Fixed Income Securities, Real Estate Finance

Warrington College of Business Administration
Dave Cartes FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems; Socio-economics

Sustainable energy systems and control, and related energy policy and economic impacts of sustainable energy technology

Interim Director, Mechanical Engineering
David Paradice FSU Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Technology systems; Virtual environments – Decision-making

Professor, Business Administration
Dmitry Ryvkin FSU Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Microeconomic theory, experimental economics, economic psychology

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Elias Stefanakos USF Knowledge Thrust: Energy storage

Hydrogen production & storage; Electric/hybrid vehicles

Director, Clean Energy Research Center
Erik Deumens UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Modeling, and computation of complex, novel molecular and materials systems; Electronic structure of materials in condensed phase, in solution and as nano structures; Time dependent electronic and molecular dynamics simulations;

Parallel programming at the petascale using the Super Instruction Architecture to describe electronic structure of large complex systems (

Departments of Chemistry and Physics
Ezzat Bakhoum UWF Knowledge Thrust: Energy storage

Super Capacitors for hybrid vehicles and for other energy-related applications.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gobind Atmaram UCF – FESC Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Grid-connected residential and utility scalable photovoltaic (PV) systems

Program Director, Florida Solar Energy Center
Haniph Latchman UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems

Mathematical systems theory; Control systems

Communication theory; Data communication networks; Multimedia information systems

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hans Chapman FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability;

Design, manufacturing, testing and analysis of renewable energy systems

Postdoc; Industrial & Manufacturing Eng
Hai-Ping Cheng UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability;

Physical phenomena at ultra small (nano)-scale via a large-scale computational approach.

Professor of Physics
Herman Lam UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Distributed computing; Service-oriented architecture; Web-services; Grid services; Distributed object technology; Database management; Computer architecture for non-numerical processing; Computer aided digital hardware design; Microprocessor-based design

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hui Li FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems

Power Electronics

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Huseyin Arslan USF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Advanced signal processing techniques; Networking adaptivity; Wireless sensors networks and wireless telemetry; UWB, OFDM based wireless technologies with emphasis on WIMAX and IMT-Advanced

Electrical Engineering
James Fenton UCF – FSEC Knowledge Thrust: Other

Electrochemical systems, PEM fuel cells

Director, Florida Solar Energy Center
James Klausner UF Knowledge Thrust: Other

Thermal transport sciences applied to fuel cells, microsystems

Prof., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Janise McNair UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Computer networks; Wireless and mobile networking; Sensor networks; Mobility and handoff management; Security and authentication

Medium access control

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jason Liu FIU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Parallel and distributed discrete-event simulation; High-performance simulation and modeling of large-scale computer networks.

Engineering and Computing
Jason Weaver UF Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Catalysis for hydrogen production, surface chemical reactions

Chemical Engineering
Jim Zheng FSU Knowledge Thrust: Power Systems

Capacitors, nano-sensors, energy storage, fuel cells, photonics, thin film growth

Electrical and Computer Engineering
John Sabin UF Knowledge Thrust: Other

Energy deposition in materials by swift ions

Professor of Physics
Jose Fortes UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Network computing; Advanced computing architecture; Biologically inspired nanocomputing;

Distributed information processing systems

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Juan Nino UF Knowledge Thrust: Other

Solid oxide fuel cells

Materials Science
Julie Harmon USF Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Polymer matrices for battery gels and solar cell electrolytes

Professor of Chemistry
Karl Schoder FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems

Electric power systems; Control and automation strategies for electric power systems; Soft computing; Distributed algorithms; Medium voltage AC and DC shipboard electric power systems; Large-scale electric power systems on the transmission level, i.e., Florida’s grid

Center for Advanced Power Systems
Kaushal Chari USF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Software engineering; Business intelligence; Decision support systems; Information security & risk management; Distributed systems

Professor and the Chair of Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Keith Ihlanfeldt FSU Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Urban and regional problems; Economic development incentives

Director, DeVoe L. Moore Eminent Scholar and Professor of Economics
Kenneth Buckle USF Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Batteries, antenna and rectenna technology

Electrical Engineering
Kevin Jones UF Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Processing and characterization of semiconductors devices, batteries, and materials including Ion Implantation, TEM, LEAP, SEM, XRD

Materials Science & Engineering
Lee Stefanakos USF Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Solar energy conversion, hydrogen production & storage, electric/hybrid vehicles

Director, Clean Energy Research Center
Linda DeBrunner FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems

Special Purpose Hardware Implementations

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Linling Fan USF Knowledge Thrust: Power Systems

Renewable energy source grid integration; Modeling and control of energy systems; Large-scale power system planning and operation

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering
Lisa McElwee-White UF Knowledge Thrust: Other

Organometallic catalysts for use in anodes of liquid fuel cells

Professor of Chemistry
Lorilee A. Schneider FSU Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Business risk management decision making models; Global risk issues; Catastrophe risk financing and reputational risk management

Associate Director, College of Business
Lynne Holt UF Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Public Utility Regulatory Policy

Policy Analyst, Warrington College of Business Administration
Marianne Rodgers UCF – FSEC Knowledge Thrust: Energy storage

Fuel Cells

Post Doctoral Associate, Florida Solar Energy Center
Mark Orazem UF Knowledge Thrust: Energy storage

Electrochemical engineering, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, corrosion (including cathodic protection), current distribution in electrochemical systems, fuel cells, batteries, mathematical modeling.

Professor of Chemical Engineering
Manish Agrawal USF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Socio-economics

Software quality; Electronic intermediaries and the development of Agent-based systems for negotiations and fraud detection.

Associate Professor, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Marc Resnick FIU Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Usability Engineering; Search User Interface Design, E-commerce; Naturalistic Decision Making; Consumer Product Labeling; Human Reliability

Associate Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering
Mark Isaac FSU Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Markets for Information and R&D Effort; Incentive-Compatible Mechanisms; Mechanism Design for Public Policy; Asset Markets

John & Hallie Quinn Eminent Scholar

Department of Economics

Mark Jamison UF Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Leadership and Strategy, Competition and Pricing, Cost Analysis, Universal Service

Director, Public Utility Research Center
Ming Yu FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

MAC and Routing Protocols; Network Traffic Modeling; Radio Resource Management

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mischa Steurer FSU Knowledge Thrust: Power Systems

Integration of novel high power apparatus, such as superconducting devices, power electronics converters, and novel rotating machines into power systems; Large scale hardware-in-the-loop simulations coupled to high power testing for model validation and analysis

Center for Advanced Power Systems
Mohammad Ilyas FAU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

High-speed communication networks (wireless, sensor, optics, traffic management, healthcare)

Interim Chair & Assoc. Dean, Ocean Engineering
Omar Faruque FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems; Systems Integration

Co-simulation; Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation; Modeling and simulation of FACTS; HVDC and renewable resources; Electric ship power system; Grid Integration of distributed resources and their impacts on electrical systems; Modeling and simulation of renewable energy and its impact

Center for Advanced Power Systems
Osama Mohammed FIU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems; Systems Integration

Power System Operations and Control; Artificial Intelligence Applications to Power Systems; Energy conservation and alternate energy sources;

Electromagnetic Field Modeling and computations; Asynchronous Learning Networks and Educational Methods

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Paris Wiley USF Testing and use of electric vehicles Electrical Engineering
Petru Andrei FAMU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Modeling and simulation of nanoscale semiconductor devices and magnetic materials, and on computational electromagnetics.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Pierce Jones UF Knowledge Thrust: Power Systems

Green building principles and practices;

Energy efficient residential design and construction; Disaster mitigation through durable construction

Professor & Director

Program for Resource Efficient Communities

Rajiv Singh UF Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Ultrahigh-energy-intensity integrated capacitors with small form factor for space applications

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Rick Feiock FSU Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Local government, public policy, and institutions and organizations

Public Administration and Policy
Rick Meeker FSU Knowledge Thrust: Power Systems

Energy systems, transmission, conversion, integration, management

Center for Advanced Power Systems
Saeed Lotfifard UCF Knowledge Thrust: Power Systems

Power Systems Protection and Control, Renewable Energy Integration and Smart Grid Technologies, Wide-area Monitoring, Distribution Automation

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Shigang Chen UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Wireless networking (traffic engineering and security), Internet security (worms, DDoS, malware, and spreader detection), network algorithms and protocols

Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Shu-ching Chen FIU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Distributed Multimedia Database Systems; Database Management; Multimedia Data Mining; Multimedia Systems, GIS

Director and Professor, School of Computing and Information Sciences
Simon Foo FSU/FAMU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems

Neural networks; Ant colony systems; Genetic algorithms; Fuzzy logic; Pattern recognition; Random number generators; Field programmable gate array (FPGA) applications

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Simon Phillpot UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Solid-oxide fuel cells, thermal transport, properties of oxide materials for nuclear-fuel applications

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Svetlana Pevnitskaya FSU Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Applied Microeconomic Theory; Auctions; Game Theory; Experimental and Behavioral Economics

Assistant Professor,

Department of Economics

Stavros V. Georgakopoulos FIU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems

Wireless communications and wireless sensor networks; Smart, On-chip, miniaturized, High frequency (HF) antennas; Broadband analysis of RF propagation for wireless communication systems; RFID; Computational and applied electromagnetics

Assistant Professor

Telecommunications and Information Technology Institute

Sumi Helal UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Mobile and Pervasive Computing; Sensors/Systems in Pervasive Spaces

Director, Professor, Computer and Information Science and Engineering Department (CISE)
Susan Sinnott UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Nanomaterials and their potential role in energy applications such as fuel cell electrolytes

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Tao Li FIU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Large scale data mining; Knowledge discovery

Associate professor, Computer Science
Ted Kury UF Knowledge Thrust: Socio-economics

Regulatory Policy, Energy Risk Management, Energy Policy and Regulation, Energy Pricing

Director of Energy Studies, Public Utility Research Center
Tingting Zhao FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Human ecological impacts; Remote sensing; GIS; Energy conservation; Climate change

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography

Victor DeBrunner FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability; Power Systems

Signal and Image Processing

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
W. David Wei UF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Application of modern tools that combine laser spectroscopy and electron microscopy to study localized optical properties of highly structured nanomaterials; Nanomaterials for rechargeable batteries; Functional nanostructures for advanced energy storage; Visible-light photocatalysis for hydrogen production and CO2 reduction

Wolfgang Sigmund UF Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage, Interoperability

Synthesis and testing of novel nanostructured materials for energy storage (secondary batteries)

Professor, Department of Materials Science
Won-Bong Choi FIU Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Nano Materials (Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, ZnO nanowire, ZnO thin film), Energy materials: Li-ion battery, Dye sensitized Solar Cell and Biofuel Cell, Nano-bio Electronic Sensors (DNA, NO), and Nanoelectronics (high field emission, FET, Interconnect and Memory)

Director of Nanomaterials and Device Laboratory
Yaw Owusu FSU Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Biological PV, alternative renewable energy, nanotechnology, sensors, environmentally-conscious design and manufacturing

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Yogi Goswami USF Knowledge Thrust: Interoperability

Solar thermal, thermodynamics, heat transfer, HVAC, photovoltaics, hydrogen, fuel cells

Chemical Engineering
Zhihua Qu UCF Knowledge Thrust: Power Systems

Stability of power systems, distributed control of DGs, distributed optimization and communication for smart grid, islanding operation and anti-islanding algorithm

SAIC Endowed Professor, CoECS; Professor of EECS
Mark Archambault FIT Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Propulsion and combustion, with special emphasis on rocket engine applications.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jim Brenner FIT Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Development of nanostructured adsorbents, purifiers, and heat transfer media for the hydrogen, microelectronics, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemical Engineering
Mary Helen McCay FIT Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Influence of the gravitational force on single crystal growth, directional solidification,and casting.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Kunal Mitra FIT Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Interaction of short pulse lasers with scattering absorbing media such as tissues, ocean water and clouds for non-invasive detection.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Yahya Ibrahim Sharaf-Eldeen FIT Knowledge Thrust: Energy Storage

Mathematical modeling, simulation, design and control of dynamic systems

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
























































































































































































































































Infrastructure, Facilities, and Other

Industrial Collaboration and Technology Commercialization

Strong partnerships with various private sector entities in areas:

  • Integration of renewable energy into grid
  • Distributed systems, Microgrid
  • Energy storage technologies
  • Hydrokinetic and ocean thermal energy conversion
  • Education