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Lake Tahoe, NV

Solar energy is Earth’s cheapest and most abundant energy source. ConsumerAffairs’ Solar Energy Companies guide offers information about the way solar works, who is a good candidate for solar, and the different types of solar companies.

Enterprise Florida Inc.

800 N Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL

Enterprise Florida Inc. (EFI) is a public-private partnership serving as Florida’s primary organization devoted to statewide economic development. Their mission is to facilitate job growth for businesses and citizens leading to a vibrant statewide economy.

Environmental PR Group.

286 Crystal Grove Blvd., Lutz, FL

Serves to educate the public, research and market environmental technologies, and manage tough environmental conflicts. They offer marketing, advising, reputation management, public information, issues management, media relations, public education, and strategic planing for the environmental industry.

Everglades Foundation, Inc.

18001 Old Cutler Rd, Palmetto Bay, FL

A 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to leading efforts to restore and protect the greater Everglades ecosystem. Gives grants to the best local, national and international organizations to focus their professional staff and members on Everglades restoration. Partners to form coalitions, set priorities, share information and devise strategies to unite and strengthen the voices for Everglades restoration. Monitors local, state and federal government policies and actions that affect the Everglades ecosystem. Articulates the threats to the Everglades and offers the best possible solutions. Advocates on behalf of the Everglades with policy-makers who affect the future of the ecosystem. Supports litigation when government or private entities act to harm the Everglades, or when there is a failure to enforce the laws passed to restore and protect this ecosystem.

  Farm Pilot Project Coordination, Inc.

101 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL

FPPC’s specific mandate is to oversee the implementation and administration of a Pilot Project Program to demonstrate economically viable innovative treatment technology systems that reduce the nutrient content of the waste stream from AFOs by 75 percent or greater. Funding for approved Pilot Projects comes from monies appropriated by Congress and overseen by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), a division of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Florida Biofuels Association, Inc.

1608 Metropolitan Circle, Tallahassee, FL

As a non-profit 501(C)(6) trade association, their goal is to serve as the clearinghouse and repository for businesses and government agencies looking for information, education and resources regarding: Biofuel and biomass energy services and products to energy market development, clean emerging technologies such as cellulosic ethanol, advanced continuous flow systems for biodiesel, and smart grid applications for reliable grid and promotion of a “plug-and-play” infrastructure, education relating to regulations at the Public Service Commission, Department of Environment Protection, and Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, educational assistance for trade journals and associations regarding legal, technical, and policy issues, provide and in some cases author technical reports, white papers at the request of our Board, as well as, the FBEA’s annual report to the Florida Legislature, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the Executive Office of the Governor.

Florida Economic Development Council

3551 Blairstone Road, Tallahassee FL

The FEDC is a statewide network of public and private economic development stakeholders and stay up to date on best practices and resources. FEDC is a primary resource for economic development professionals and networking.

Florida Energy Renewable Association

Orlando FL

FREA promotes the development of clean energy in Florida through public education, political advocacy, and industry networking opportunities. They often work with local governments and other nonprofits in providing seminars on energy efficiency, solar energy, and alternative fuel vehicles. They are actively encouraging industry networking by providing event services and online capabilities to members and their clean energy projects.

Florida High Tech Corridor

1055 AAA Dr., Heathrow, FL

The Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC) is a regional economic development initiative of the University of Central Florida (UCF), the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Florida (UF) whose mission is to grow high tech industry and innovation through partnerships that support research, marketing, workforce and entrepreneurship.

  Florida Reliability Coordinating Council, Inc.

Bayport Plaza, 3000 Bayport Drive, Tampa, FL

The FRCC’s mission is to identify, prioritize, and assure effective and cost efficient mitigation of risks to the reliability and security of the peninsular Florida bulk power system. The FRCC serves as a regional entity with delegated authority from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) for the purpose of proposing and enforcing reliability standards within the FRCC Region. The area of the State of Florida that is within the FRCC Region is peninsular Florida east of the Apalachicola River. Areas west of the Apalachicola River are within the SERC Region. The entire FRCC Region is within the Eastern Interconnection and is under the direction of the FRCC Reliability Coordinator.

  Florida Solar Energy Industries Association.

2555 Porter Lake Dr, Sarasota, FL

Founded in 1977, they are a nonprofit professional association of companies involved in the solar energy industry. Their members include manufacturers, distributors, contractors, retailers and consultants who provide solar water heating, pool heating and solar electric systems. Research Centers and Utilities are also members.

Florida Solar Energy Center

1679 Clearlake Rd., Cocoa, FL

The Florida Solar Energy Center researches and develops energy technologies that enhance the nation’s economy and environment. They also serve to educate the public, students and practitioners on the results of the research.

Gulf Coast Energy Network

No physical location found

Established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit coalition of prominent business, government, and environmental leaders who promote the efficient use of energy and water resources to benefit consumers, the environment and economic growth. GCEN supports energy efficiency as a cost-effective energy resource under existing market conditions and promotes the use and expansion of alternative forms of energy.

Space Florida

505 Odyssey Way, Exploration Park, FL

Space Florida drives State economic development across the global aerospace enterprise. Their mission is to be the world leader in developing tomorrow’s aerospace enterprise, creating a diversified business environment and robust continued economic growth for Florida.