Energy Efficiency

Above Voice Inc.

1408 21st Ave. Dr. W., Bradenton, FL, 34205

Above Voice Inc. provides advanced energy savings technology for Florida’s schools, offices, and labs, working with InteliGlas Inc. Our Smart Buildings system incorporates IOT sensors with a powerful machine learning / artificial intelligence platform. Our unique approach recognizes occupancy counts which coupled with weather, lead to dynamic scheduling, orchestrating HVAC systems, irrigation, lighting, access controls and other building management systems. Rapid deployment means our systems can start reducing costs in just a week or two with an ROI from 6-18 months. Property managers can accelerate their WELL, Leed, and Energy Star certifications with detailed reporting. With an average savings of 30%-44% on energy bills, we reduce the carbon footprint, increase property valuations, and make buildings healthier and safer.

Accurate Technologies

4420 E. Adamo Drive,Tampa, FL

Accurate Technologies is a full service supplier of LED lighting solutions. Our clients include commercial contractors, electricians, building maintenance departments and property management firms. We focus on highly efficient lighting technologies, but just as importantly, we make sure that our recommendations are visually appealing and effective for the end user. We provide only high quality LED lighting products which have passed rigorous safety, performance and efficiency standards, and we are committed to serving our clients with responsive, helpful service. We’re your team of LED lighting specialists, so call us today. We want to assist you with making the shift to LED technology.

Ambient Technologies, Inc.

4610 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL

Ambient Technologies and Subsidiaries are a multi-disciplinary group of companies that provides geophysical, drilling surveying, utility locating, non-destructive testing, energy generation, and Geo-construction support services. They serve Florida, the Gulf Coast, Central America, and the Caribbean. They support environmental, engineering, geological, architectural, and contracting and constructing firms, but also contract directly to federal, state, local government, and private sector clients.


7616 Southland Blvd., Orlando, FL

They specialize in the comprehensive refurbishment of aging mechanical air handling units using their innovative composite coating systems, they extend the life of mechanical air handling units without the disruption and high cost associated with equipment replacement. AQUIS provides a custom-engineered solution to address the specific concerns of air handlers.

Building America Partnership for Improved Residential Construction

1679 Clearlake Rd., Cocoa, FL

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Program is an industry-driven, cost-shared research program to accelerate the development and adoption of advanced building energy technologies and practices in new and existing homes. As one of several competitively selected research teams, our Building America Partnership for Improved Residential Construction (BA-PIRC) works closely with industry and utility partners to develop innovative, real-world solutions that achieve significant energy and cost savings for homeowners, builders, and remodelers. Formerly known as the Building America Industrialized Housing Partnership (BAIHP), BA-PIRC is led by the Florida Solar Energy Center, a research institute of the University of Central Florida.

BuildingAmerica Proram

Citizen Energy

1808 Hammerlin Ave., Winter Park, FL

Citizen Energy is a “one-stop shop” energy consulting firm delivering energy saving solutions for commercial buildings. We are currently servicing the State of Florida and the District of Columbia; providing integrated energy auditing, financing, technology procurement, project management and installation, and ongoing energy services. From lighting upgrades to solar energy, Citizen Energy works with building owners / managers, their tenants, industry partners and the next generation workforce, to increase adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy, help reduce energy demand and carbon emissions, and saves organizations money.


Dais Analytic Corp

11552 Propserous Dr., Odessa, FL

Uses nanotechnology to create eco-friendly heating and cooling products. They also are innovating cost-effective and energy-efficient methods for both water purification and energy storage solutions.


E2 Homes

Winter Park, FL

E2 Homes is a residential construction firm in Central Florida that specializes in environmentally responsible and cost-effective building solutions. We provide a wide array of construction services relating to custom home building, remodeling, and green building.

E2 Homes

E Sciences, Inc.

34 East Pine St., Orlando, FL

A Florida-based environmental, engineering and ecological consulting firm. Providers of innovative, practical solutions that achieve their clients’ goals. They assist clients with projects related to permitting and compliance, contamination assessment and remediation, storm water management and transportation and public infrastructure. They embrace the challenge of protecting natural resources while working to improve and expand communities.

EcoSmart, Inc.

4411 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL

A distributor and specifier of energy resource efficient construction materials and mechanical systems. All Eco-$mart systems are screened and approved by the nonprofit Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development (see Eco-$mart is currently working with a number of “green” demonstration buildings, including several on university campuses in Florida. They have also inspired and are supplying a number of commercial contractors who are building Eco-$mart model homes and commercial buildings, all of which would be excellent sites for fuel cell demonstration.


20841 Johnson Street, Pembroke Pines, FL

The company provides owners and vendor teams with real-time intelligence to maximize sustainability and better manage their investment. Entic’s Peak Performance EcosystemTM is revolutionizing energy savings in hospitals, office buildings, hotels, airports, sports arenas and schools.


FanAm, Inc.

2235 6th Street, Sarasota, FL

Provides ventilation products for every market. They are based in Sarasota, Florida and serve industrial as well as commercial applications.

Global Induction Lighting US, Inc.

917 SE 14th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Provides electrodeless lamps or induction lighting fixtures. They manufacture these lights and provide information concerning the benefits for all applications

Greenstar Panels

905 E Rose St., Lakeland, FL

Greenovative Homes uses hyper-insulation approach to building design, construction, and retrofitting that dramatically reduces heat loss (and gain) by using much higher levels of insulation and airtightness than normal. Hyper-insulation can be achieved by advanced technology with Greenstar Panels. Greenstar Panels are a patented system of repelling all 3 types of heat at the buildings envelope before it can heat up the interior space. Panels are 2” rigid insulation board made of expanded polystyrene.



4914 Lena Rd.,Bradenton, FL

Provides infrared inspection windows for industrial applications. IR windows facilitate more efficient and safer work practices in the energy-producing industry.

K.B. Industries, Inc.

7300 Bryan Dairy Rd., Largo, FL

An innovative Florida corporation that has successfully conducted the research and development of a unique construction material. KBI Flexi®-Process material is created from the residual of waste tires and provides a solution to the environmental and economic concerns associated with the disposal of worn tires across the globe.

Kemco Systems, Inc.

11500 47th St N., Clearwater, FL

Provides high efficiency, environmentally friendly water heaters, heat recovery, and water treatment systems, that are proven to save water, labor, energy, sewer, and chemical costs. They are based in Clearwater, Florida.

King of Fans

1951 NW 22nd St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

For thirty years, King of fans, Inc. has been committed to designing energy saving, cost effective and easy-to-install Home Comfort products as in Ceiling Fans, Interior/Exterior Lighting, High-Velocity Fans, Heaters and our recent addition Solar Products. our award-winning artisans have been creating innovative, energy saving products with unique hand finishes of metal, glass and resin to compliment any environment.


Kitson & Partners, LLC

4500 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

A private residential and commercial real estate investment and development company based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Their portfolio includes 1.6 million square-feet of retail centers, 6.8 million square-feet of commercial entitlements, 21,500 entitled residential units and seven golf courses.

Koogler & Associates, Inc.

4014 NW 13th Street, Gainesville, FL

For over 40 years. Koogler and Associates, Inc. have provided excellent professional consulting and environmental engineering services to clients. Koogler is now proud to announce the addition of Energy Management Systems Engineering having over 15 years of Industrial Energy Management experience, with more than 260 Energy Audits. The Koogler Energy Team brings experience on Energy Management Plans, Energy Studies, Audits, Plan Implementation, Measurement and Verification, Renewable Energy Sources projects, Training, Handbooks and Energy Policy, among others. Our clients are located in the US and Latin America and include both the industrial sector and governmental agencies including energy agencies, universities, and research centers. Koogler can provide tailor-made energy solutions for your facility. Koogler continues to provide expertise in the areas of air quality management, pollution control and environmental permitting.


Lifestyle Homes

4195 W New Haven Ave, Suite 15 West Melbourne, FL

They focus their attention on building high efficient homes for their clients. They have created the SunSmart Energy Initiative as a way of moving toward the goal of building zero energy homes.

Lighting Science

1227 S. Patrick Drive, Satellite Beach, FL

They make advanced LED lighting projects. They are based in Satellite Beach, Florida and are staffed by leaders in design, engineering, and manufacturing. They provide sustainable lighting innovations for retail, infrastructure, commercial, and custom design lighting systems.


Manatee County Habitat for Humanity

4105 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL

Manatee County Habitat for Humanity, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, is a non-profit, ecumenical, Christian, volunteer-based organization dedicated to building simple low-cost homes by forming working partnerships with low-income families in desperate need of decent housing.Habitat for Humanity home ownership provides secure affordable housing to families who have met the criteria and been accepted into the Habitat program, that have been precariously sheltered in substandard, deteriorating overcrowded or unsafe rental units.Habitat unites neighborhood groups, corporations, local businesses and churches in a volunteer effort to achieve truly affordable home ownership for those in need.


Marc Rutenberg Homes

2712 Deer Track Way, Palm Harbor, FL

Marc Rutenberg is engaged in a variety of neighborhood developments and varying housing markets. They are focused on Zero Energy America initiative, energy consumption, health, and environmental stewardship.

Neoair Industries, LLC

2125 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL

Deals in air purifiers and works to provide cost effective solutions to indoor air quality. They also work to educate on the dangers of indoor airborne contaminants. They are based in Miami, Florida.


562 South Econ Circle, Ovieda, FL

Designs and manufactures a full range of volume Bragg gratings (transmitting – TBG, reflecting – RBG, chirped – CBG) in inorganic photosensitive silicate glass. Superior technologies devised by the company founder and licensed from the University of Central Florida (UCF) allow OptiGrate to offer patented volume Bragg gratings with efficiencies larger than 99.9%. OptiGrate has also set records in a number of other grating parameters.

Water Optimizer, Inc.

4921 Memorial Highway, Tampa, FL

Uses technology that limits the water usage in an irrigation system to only what is needed. The system is known to save up to 70% of the water used for a home or business on irrigation.

ClimeCo Corporation

100 SE 2nd St, Miami, FL

ClimeCo is a U.S.-based integrator of air quality, renewable energy and low-carbon solutions. They provide their clients with a unique combination of world-class technologies, deep regulatory expertise, hands-on field operations skills and financing solutions. They operate and built over 650 biogas sites throughout the Americas and reduced over 2 million tons of carbon from these installations.

Delta “T” Systems, Inc.

858 W 13th Court, Riviera Beach, FL

They manufacture energy efficient water and oil circulating temperature control equipment.

CDM Smith

800 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL

CDM Smith is a global engineering and construction firm headquartered in Cambridge, MA that solves complex environmental and infrastructure challenges. They put an emphasis on sustainability in all of their work

DynaTest Consulting, Inc.

13953 US Highway 301 S, Starke, FL

DynaTest is a company based in Denmark with subsidiaries in the UK that deals with pavement engineering.


7022 TPC Boulevard, Orlando, FL

An international communications and information technology company, headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, serving government and commercial markets in more than 125 countries.

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.

15150 NW 79th Court, Miami Lakes, FL

A global company involved in many large, complex projects. They provide environmental advising services, geotechnical services, sustainable design services, and civil design services.

NuEnergy Technologies

8076 114th Ave N, Largo, FL

NuEnergy Technologies is engaged in the development, production, marketing and deployment of renewable energy systems and services through three separate but closely related business units .The NuEnergy Products Division develops and manufactures sustainable energy systems. They have an extensive portfolio of innovative and complementary renewable energy technologies that, either individually or collectively, provide a wide range of power solutions.


ThinkLite, LLC

85 Brainerd Road, Boston, MA Works to retrofit current systems for higher efficiency. They are headquartered in Boston, MA, and consider themselves a global lighting firm. They also deal with a good amount of R&D to learn about lighting technologies. They strive for quality as well as efficiency.


4041 Northwest Passage, Tallahassee, FL

They are a large building materials company. Their experience is in abrasives, ceramics, crystals, glasses, performance plastics and other specialized materials