FL University Spin-off

Advance Power Electronic Corp (ApECOR)

(Orlando, FL / UCF Technology)

Advanced Power Electronics Corporation (ApECOR) is an emerging technology company that provides Research and Development services to the power electronics industry and was cofounded by Dr. Issa Batarseh and his students to carry out advanced research in power electronics. ApECOR is strategically located in the fast growing high tech I-4 corridor of Central Florida, 40 miles west of NASA Kennedy Space Center. ApECOR’s mission is to turn ground-breaking ideas into tangible products, and therefore ultimately contribute to the betterment of lives through power electronics innovations. ApECOR strength is reflected in the past and current projects with the US Department of Defense and other private industry players.

Capacitech Energy, LLC

(Orlando, FL / UCF Technology)

The technology was developed by Professor Jayan Thomas of the NanoScience Technology Center. Prof Thomas uses the nanowhisker technology to transform the standard electricity transmitting copper wires into a supercapacitor. The copper wires can be used to deliver electricity and also to store with this technology. The combination of small size and big output creates exciting opportunities for technological innovation. Their focus is Cable-Based-Capacitor (CBC). The CBC is a new type of Capacitor which is built on the surface of a wire. This unique form factor provides many new advantages. The performance of the CBC can be easily customized to meet new demand curves by cutting the wire at different lengths.


Florida FGT, LLC

(Gainesville, FL / UF Technology)

Florida FGT provides professional advice to forest and agricultural landowners on various aspects of the use of fast-growing Eucalyptus, Corymbia, Populus, Taxodium, and Pinus species.


Garmor, Inc.

(Orlando FL – UCF Technology)

Garmor has developed a simple yet effective method of producing edge-functionalized graphene oxide. Garmor’s moderately oxidized, edge-functionalized graphene oxide is fully dispersible in water and can be deposited in thin films. This offers the potential for improved electronic displays, solar cells, and various hydrophilic polymer composites. Garmor’s graphene can also be readily functionalized to accommodate non-polar environments.

General Capacitor

(Tallahassee, FL / FSU Technology)

General Capacitor, LLC (GC) is a high-tech startup company focused on the R&D, marketing, and manufacturing of Lithium-ion Capacitors and related hybrid electrochemical capacitors. GC established its headquarters in 2014, located at 132-1 Hamilton Park Drive, near Innovation Park in Tallahassee, Florida. GC is a tech spinoff of the FSU-FAMU College of Engineering and has licensed a key patent for high energy density electrochemical capacitors (published in 2011) conceived by Professor and Inventor Dr. Jim Zheng. General Capacitor’s mission is to promote global sustainability by being a forefront innovator and supplier of patented electrochemical capacitors and to provide energy storage solutions for growing clean-tech markets.

Helicon Chemical Company

(Orlando, FL/ UCF Technology)

Helicon Chemical Company specializes in the research and development of nanostructured composites with superior nanoparticle dispersion properties in a variety of host matrices. Their products include metal and metal-oxide nanoparticle dispersions in aqueous solutions, organic liquids, and polymers, core/shell particles and powders including metal/polymer, polymer/metal-oxide, and mixed ceramic materials.


(Orlando FL – UCF Technology)

Based on technology developed by and a team led by researchers in the Florida Solar Energy Center, HybridaSol is utilizing a proprietary printing process to create large, thin, flexible and inexpensive thermoelectric devices that can generate electricity from heat or heat from electricity. Potential industrial applications range from solar to automotive to electronics. “HybridaSol’s large-format thermoelectric devices can be used to harvest energy from waste-heat to produce electricity or move heat from one side of the sheet to the other to provide heating or cooling, as necessary.


HySense Technology, LLC

(Rockledge FL – UCF Technology)

Manufactures color changing (chemochromic) pigment for gas leak detection for the power plants, aerospace, chemical, energy, and gas industries. In the current and future national energy portfolio, hydrogen and natural gas are two of the most important energy resources. However, keeping such flammable gases contained to establish a safe environment for producers and end utilizers is of utmost importance. Presently, the large majority of gas leak detection systems have been focused on the development of electronic sensors. Electronic sensors have several drawbacks including loss of sensitivity in the field due to the environmental effects, costs, and problems associated with power required on-site. Thus, a visually easy to detect leak detector can greatly enhance the market acceptance and expansion of these valuable energy sources. One alternative solution is to use a color-changing pigment. The color-changing pigment is in a tape format that can be easily applied to or wrapped around pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, access panels, etc.


Innovative Space Tech., Inc

(Orlando, FL / UF Technology)

Innovative Space Technologies LLC (IST) is a research and development company headquartered in Florida that provides resources for technology development and commercialization. IST clients are in the aerospace, defense, energy, and emerging technology markets. IST transitions research and development (both basic and applied) efforts from government, academic, and industry partners to mature technology offerings.


NanoPhotonica, Inc.

(Orlando, FL / UF Technology)

NanoPhotonica provides innovative nano-materials and fabrication techniques that enable electronic displays to have high resolution, pure, vivid colors, and high efficiency at significantly reduced manufacturing cost. NanoPhotonica’s system of light emitting nano-materials, including Quantum Dots (QDs), and method of layering these materials together, form the core technology for a new generation of electronic displays.

SunBorne Energy, LLC

(Tampa, FL / USF Technology)

SunBorne Energy is working to make low-cost, utility-scale solar energy a reality in India – a country that has the ideal environment to capture sunlight and generate enough solar energy to meet all its needs. To maximize India’s potential, and make utility scale solar energy possible in the near future, SunBorne Energy has brought together internationally acclaimed experts in solar power generation and a host of other technologists and scientists who specialize in this area.


Molekule Inc.

(Tampa, FL / USF Technology)

Molekule Inc. is a brand new energy efficient air cleaner technology that rapidly, safely, and completely destroys most common indoor air pollutants including bacteria, viruses, mold, asthma triggers and allergens. When it comes to destroying pollutants, speed matters. Competing technologies take hours to destroy contaminants, allowing them to recirculate and cause sickness. Molekule Inc. technology turns contaminants into simple carbon dioxide and water in minutes, keeping you safe from harm.


Trash to Cash Energy, LLC.

(Tampa, FL / USF Technology)

Trash to Cash-Energy (T2C-Energy) converts biogas from landfills and anaerobic digesters into drop-in, renewable jet and diesel fuels with its patented TRIFTS® process. The TRIFTS® process is a synergistic combination of chemical reactions which transforms crude biogas, composed of methane and carbon dioxide into a high grade synthesis gas. The synthesis gas is then selectively transformed into hydrocarbon chains to produce jet or diesel fuel depending on the customers’ needs. The hydrocarbon chains resemble their commercial petroleum derived counterparts and can be used as a drop-in fuel with no engine modifications needed.