Biomass & Biofuels

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Ag-Oil International, LLC

6420 Congress Ave, Suite 2000
Boca Raton, FL 33487
(One other location in Boca Raton, FL).

A green fuel company developing a 15 million gallon per year oil production facility in south Florida. The oil they produce will be 100% renewable diesel for direct utilization in diesel engines. Leading-edge oil producing technologies using high-yielding oilseed crops will allow their projects to outperform conventional oil production facilities.

Agri-Source Fuels, LLC
15000 Citrus County Drive, Suite 110
Dade City, FL 33523


An EPA Registered Bio Diesel Manufacturer, firmly committed to supporting the State of Florida’s efforts to increase the use of alternative fuels and bring green jobs to Florida through its Farm to Fuel program. Agri-Source supplies truckload volumes of biodiesel to cities, counties, commercial and industrial customers across Florida through a network of experienced fuel jobbers who are able to custom blend our B100 to meet each customer’s specifications.


Air Burners, LLC

4390 SW Cargo Way
Palm City, FL 34990

Air Curtain Burners, also called FireBoxes, was designed principally as a pollution control device. The primary objective of an air curtain machine is to reduce the particulate matter (PM) or smoke, which results from burning clean wood waste.

Biotork, LLC.

2153 SE Hawthorne Rd, Suite 130
Gainesville, FL 32641


Founded in 2008, BioTork is a biotechnology company focusing on the development of microbial strains capable of producing bio-based chemical commodities such as lipids, alcohol fuels, enzymes, polymers and other valuable compounds from affordable and renewable organic feedstock. Their highly evolved microorganisms increase the efficiency of industrial processes by improving yield, reducing costs and generating additional revenues.

Dyadic International, Inc
140 Intracoastal Pointe Dr., Suite 404
Jupiter, FL 33477


Uses its proprietary C1 platform technology to discover and develop novel genes and other biological products from eukaryotic organisms found in the full spectrum of the earth’s biodiversity. Once useful genes are isolated, Dyadic uses its integrated platform to manufacture specific proteins, doing so more rapidly and efficiently – and with a much higher rate of success than existing gene discovery systems.

Emerald Coast Energy LLC

P.O. Box 9685
Panama City Beach, FL 32417Emerald Coast Energy’s mission is to develop a renewable energy business that will produce cellulosic ehtanol and biodiesel from regional biomass sources such as forest, forest understory, and certain landill wastes while prompting U.S. independence from foreign oil. Their main goal is to produce cost effective fuel substitutes while maintaining a clean environment for the southeastern United States.


greenGALLON solutions
No physical location found.greenGALLON solutions and its partners contract with companies to collect used fat or vegetable oil in our clean, sanitary containers. Our customer-oriented teams use the gpsSMARTank a state of the art “no-spill” vacuum system to transfer the oil from the customers’ location to the plant, where the oil is converted to biofuel or blended with petroleum diesel to create biodiesel fuel. 100% of all collected oil is recycled.


Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc.
P.O. Box 50
Indiantown, FL 34956Genuine Bio-Fuel is 100% privately funded and takes great pride in being an environmental steward. Advanced proprietary technology that provides greater efficiencies in production, thus creating higher yields at a lower cost than traditional biodiesel production. Multi-feedstocks such as plant oils and fats, virgin and used cooking oil get purchased and collected which then get refined and produced as biodiesel fuel of the highest quality while still meeting or exceeding ASTM standards.

Green Biofuels

3123 NW 73rd St, Suite C
Miami, FL 33147

Green Biofuels, LLC, is a dynamic advocate for the establishment of community- based biodiesel production. The cornerstone of our corporate model is the idea of local production dedicated to local consumption. We believe that this corporate philosophy is not only unique in our industry, but it also translates into the building blocks for an improved future for all our stakeholders.

GreenBiofuels CORP

Gulf Coast Energy of Walton, LLC

4077 Southpoint Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563


A unique approach to the manufacture of alternative fuels was developed to take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art modular process technology for converting biomass to ethanol and other carbon-based fuels such as diesel and possibly gasoline among others. This patented technology takes advantage of the latest advances in carbon re-circulation and waste heat re-use to produce extraordinary yields, high energy efficiency, and superior quality biofuel products. Further, their process is quite flexible in its ability to handle multiple types of feedstocks and also to produce a variety of different kinds of biofuels.

Planet Green Solutions

P.O. Box 507
Fairfield, FL 32634



PGS is a small team of engineers and research scientists focused on bringing renewable energy products to market. Their initial center of attention is concentrated on launching and delivering a biomass renewable energy product. Continuous research is being done actively on solar technologies, hydrogen fuel, other renewable fuels, and alternative power generation. Their extensive research and development effort has resulted in a state-of-the-art 21st century thermo-chemical biomass reactor and power generation system.

Planet Green Solution

Prado and Associates

13308 Winding Oak Court
Tampa, FL 33612



They serve industries by providing chemicals, specialty chemicals, synthetic fuels phosphate, fertilizer, phosphoric acid, acid purification, forest products – pulp & paper – tall oil & terpenesminerals & metals,hazardous metals recyclingenvironmental, scrubbers oxidizers waste treatmentpower generation, energy & fuels,biomass and biodieselservicios



Renergie, Inc.

3900 SW 27th St, #2f-201c
Gainesville, FL 32608



Renergie created “field-to-pump,” a unique strategy to locally produce and market advanced biofuel (“non-corn fuel ethanol”) via a network of small advanced biofuel manufacturing facilities. The purpose of “field-to-pump” is to maximize rural development and job creation while minimizing feedstock supply risk and the burden on local water supplies.

Renergize, inc
SouthEast Renewable Fuels
6424 NW 5th Way
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


SRF’s mission is to: To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lessen national dependency on foreign oil, create long term employment opportunities, and to help meet our customers’ energy demands with environmentally friendly products and economically responsible business practices.

Smart Fuels Florida, LLC

2405 US Highway 441-27, Building 6
Fruitland Park, FL 34731


Utilizes greased trapped cleaning, used cooking oil collection, and used cooking oil storage to create Biodiesel. All the used cooking oil that is collected, gets processed at their facility to produce renewable fuels that help support state’s economic and alternative energy goals.

S R Energy, LLC

7153 W Highway 98
Panama City Beach, FL 32407


SR Energy, LLC (SRE) is a resource optimization company that manages industrial and agricultural waste streams with a patented technology that converts biomass inputs into high value co-products in an environmentally sound way. SRE’s enzymatic and microbial reagent has been repeatedly tested and is proven to efficiently convert cellulosic biomass into fermentable sugars suitable for producing biofuels and nutrients used in the production of organic fertilizers.


S R Energy LLC


Trash to Cash Energy, Inc
3802 Spectrum Blvd, Suite D
Tampa, FL 33612

Trash 2 Cash-Energy has over twenty years of experience in the catalysis industry. Catalytic production of renewable feedstock to energy is at the heart of our company’s interest. In our home state of Florida, there are over 60 landfills. Many of these landfills are not fully utilizing a valuable energy resource in landfill gas. Every flare of methane is a lost opportunity to turn a profit. Landfill gas contains all the necessary ingredients to convert it to synthesis gas via a tri-reforming reaction.



US EnviroFuels, Inc.
10027 Water Works Lane
Riverview, FL 33569


To ensure ethanol plant quality control, optimize process efficiency, and realize maximal yields of ethanol is part of their mission. The current members of U.S. EnviroFuels, LLC will act as directors in business management, commodity sourcing and marketing, engineering, and production technology.

Planet Green Solutions
P.O. Box 507
Fairfield, FL 32634


Planet Green Solutions is a small team of engineers and research scientists focused on bringing renewable energy products to market. Planet Green Solutions takes existing proven technology and applies it to today’s renewable energy challenge. Our extensive research and development effort has resulted in a state-of-the-art 21st century thermo-chemical biomass reactor and power generation system.

Planet Green Solution

Viesel Fuel LLC
3041 SE Dominica Terrace
Stuart, FL 34997

Viesel Fuel, in Stuart, Florida, is a 7.5 million gallon per year biodiesel facility that is pioneering the use of enzymes and resins to access lower-quality feedstocks in the production of ASTM D6751 certified biodiesel. The enzymatic and resin technologies employed by Viesel require less energy than traditional biodiesel production, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and can be constructed for a lower capital cost than traditional biodiesel plants.


Watson C&D

940 NW 247th Dr.
Newberry, FL 32669
(Multiple Gainesville locations).

Watson C&D and CountyLine Landfill was established and operated by Larry Watson over two decades ago. The company started as a small, single truck operation and has grown into a multifaceted organization with more than $2 million in annual revenues.The company currently employs over 40 individuals, has a fleet of 6 roll-off trucks, and a stock of more than 350 construction debris dumpsters.

They provide fast and courteous services for construction and demolition debris disposal. They also accept C&D drop offs from the general public at their landfill in Archer. They have multiple locations for landscaping companies or homeowners to dispose of yard waste, which is then recycled into quality mulches and organic compost.

Watson CandD


United States

Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA)

11315 Corporate Blvd., Suite 250
Orlando, FL 32817 


ARA is an employee-owned scientific research and engineering company based in Panama City, FL, founded in 1979 and dedicated to producing innovative solutions that tackle critical national problems in National Security, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment, and Health and Human Safety.

Citrus Energy, LLC

2820 NW 45th St
Boca Raton, FL 33434

Implements commercially viable process which transforms this abundant agricultural waste stream into locally produced, clean, affordable biofuel together with high value co-products.

Coskata, Inc.

4575 Weaver Park, Suite 100
Warrenville, IL 60555

Commercializing a process for producing fuels and chemicals from a wide variety of resources, including natural gas, wood, trash and industrial gases is part of their mission.

4173 NE 80th Ave
Okeechobee, FL 34972

LS9, which stands for Life Sustain 9 Billion, uses their leadership in industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology to deliver sustainable products that are derived from abundant renewable resources.

750 Park of Commerce Blvd., Suite 210
Boca Raton, Florida 33487



Founded in 1999, Protec Fuel Management, LLC is an ethanol fuel marketing and solutions company dedicated to providing a unique turnkey ethanol solution to distributors, retailers and fleets across the nation. Along with our broad range of risk management products, Protec supplies ethanol to over 200 retailers across the South, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic areas.





Buckeye Technologies, Inc.

1001 Tillman
Memphis, Tennessee 33812
(Other locations in Florida, North Carolina, Germany, the UK, Switzerland and more).


Leader in producing value-added cellulose-based specialty products for high-end niche markets worldwide. Buckeye has expertise in polymer chemistry and fiber science, combined with advanced manufacturing practices in airlaid and wetlaid technologies. Provides fiber solutions to a broad array of markets and customers world-wide.

Evergreen Bio-Fuels, LLC
2633 Indian Springs Rd.
Marianna, FL 32446

Committed to supplying 4EVERGREEN engineered biomass fuel pellets and 4EVERGREEN bioLiquid fuels to end use customers in North America and Europe, for use in power plants, commercial process industries and for the emerging bio-heating/cooling markets.


925 SW 74th Ave
Vero Beach, FL 32968


INEOS biofuel technology was developed through a joint venture between INEOS Bio and New Planet Energy. They use a unique hybrid of gasification and fermentation technology (originally developed with US Energy Department support starting in the 1990s) to convert wood scraps, grass clippings, and other waste materials into transportation fuels as well as energy for heat and power. The Vero Beach facility (Indian River County) will have an annual output of eight million gallons of cellulosic ethanol per year from vegetative, yard, and municipal solid waste as well as six megawatts of clean, renewable power annually-enough to run the entire facility and provide excess power to the local community.