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FSU: Researchers Develop new Metric to measure Destructive Potential of Hurricanes
FSU: Atlantic Research Expedition Uncovers vast Methane-Based Ecosystem
FSU Study Finds Use of Dispersants can Increase Oil Penetration into Sandy Marine Sediments
New Energy Discovery Boosts Performance of See-through Solar Cells, Able to generate Electricity on Glass Windows
USF Assists in generating Clean Tech Breakthrough
Solar Electric System Provides Emergency Power, Teaching Tool for Haines City High School


May 2013 Printable Version


USF: Clean Air Technologies
U.S. Department of Defense Recommends FAMU for $1.9 Million Grant
FAU Researchers to Study Carbon Dynamics of the Greater Everglades and Implications of Climate Change
FIU Leads National Study on South Florida’s Water Supply
UCF to Receive $1.4 Million Grant to Open Entrepreneurial Center
UF Researchers Improve Process to Create Renewable Chemicals from Plants
USF: Water Issues on Tap


March 2013 Printable Version


FLATE, FESC Partner for Workforce Development, Builds Skills for High Tech Careers
FSU Inks Deal to License New Supercapacitor Invention
UF Professor Gets Key Position at National Science Foundation

February 2013 Printable Version


FSU: Study Finds Energy Use in Cities has Global Climate Effects
UCF’s New Buildings Increase Space and Energy Efficiency
UF Engineering Assistant Professor gets Grant for Solar Cell Work
USF: Focus on Sustainability
Zircar Zirconia, Inc. Supplies High Temperature Insulation for Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production Reactor


December 2012 Printable Version


University of Florida Chemists Pioneer New Technique for Nanostructure Assembly
Program Aims to Mentor Women Inventors
Florida Soil a Patchwork Quilt for Carbon Content, UF/IFAS Researchers Find
New Fort Myers Plant Creating Biodiesel out of Restaurants’ used Cooking Oil
MegaWatt Ventures Joins USF Tampa Bay Technology Inubator


October 2012 Printable Version


Texas A&M partners with University to Develop Clean Energy for India
Florida Climate Institute Joins Forces with Four Florida Universities
Hillsborough Community College Selected as green Genome Award Winner
Progress Energy Florida Selects the University of Florida to Receive Free Solar Array
USF: Partnership Awarded $1 Million Grant
USF: Patels Create $12M Endowment for Patel College of Global Sustainability
Ocean Energy Flows to US Grid for First Time

September 2012 Printable Version


FAMU Scientists Look to the Stars for Clean Energy Source
Ultracapacitors Powering Next-generation Electronic Devices
How Ocean Currents Affect Global Climate is a Question Oceanographers may be Close to Answering
FIU Unveils Powerful ‘Wall of Wind’ Hurricane Simulator
UF Tech Connect Program Awarded grant for Starting Technology Companies
National Science Board, NSF Renew MagLab Grant

July 2012 Printable Version


Tips for Becoming a Water-Wise Floridian
Department of Energy awards UF $800,000 to Improve Nuclear Power Safety
New Breakthrough shows Promise for Affordable Plastic Solar Energy Cells
New IRSC Brown Center combines Innovation with Entrepreneurship to Create Jobs
Spintronics Steps Forward
Two Researchers Receive prestigious national Science Foundation CAREER Awards
UF Researchers develop Plant-Based Technology that Helps Biofuels, may fight Cancer
Ultra-Compact Fuel Cell Power Supplies
University of Florida Physicists set New Record for Graphene Solar Cell Efficiency

June 2012 Printable Version


Deep Freeze Discovery
ET Degree: New Energy Efficiency Specialization Under Development
New UCF Tech May Lead to Inexpensive Biofuel
UCF Engineering Team Wins $100,000 for Clean Energy Plan
UF-led Research Team Selected for $125 Million Joint U.S.-India Energy Project

April 2012 Printable Version


FESC Outreach Activities
FL CAN Develops Catalog for ‘Cleantech’ Companies
The State of Solid-state Batteries – Planar Energy’s Solid-state Cells
FESC Partnership with Petra Solar
New Aeropropulsion, Mechatronics and Energy (AME) Building at FSU
FESC- USF Carbon Sequestration Group

January 2012 Printable Version


2011 FESC Summit
Community College Energy Workshop
2011 Department of Energy Pre-Summit Workshop
i6 Green Challenge Grant
Awards Received by FESC Faculty
FESC Technology Commercialization Project
New Member Spotlight
Innovation HUB at the University of Florida

March 2010 Printable Version


2010 FESC Summit to be held September 28 and 29 at UCF
FESC Technical Teams reap Research Rewards
FESC announces Technology Commercialization Phase 1 Awards
Outreach Update February 2010
Focus on Industry – Florida Power and Light
The Challenges of Carbon Capturing and Sequestration
Florida Gulf Coast Solar Field Goes Online

July 2010 Printable Version


Transitioning Florida to Clean and Renewable Energy
Educating an Alternative Energy Workforce
Powering Cars and the Grid: The Smart Solar Carport
Evaluating the Impacts of Carbon Costs
Outreach Update: In-Service Training on Alternatively Fueled Vehicles
Renewable and Clean Energy Done Right: a conversation with Tommy Boroughs
FSU Celebrates the Launch of the Renewable Energy Research Portal

July 2011 Printable Version

2011 FESC Summit to be held September 27-28 at UF
Closing the Gap on Clean Fuels: Bringing Research to Market
FAU’s Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center achieves Major Milestone

Outreach Update: Sustainable Floridians program launches

FESC-USF Faculty Members receive prestigious grants
BOEMRE to Prepare an Environmental Assessment for Marine Hydrokinetic Technology Testing Offshore Florida
Industry Focus: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
UF-led research team wins four-year, $5.4M federal grant


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