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Chunlei (Peggy) Wang

Chunlei (Peggy) Wang

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Miami

University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL 33124, USA


Ph.D. Solid State Physics, Jilin University, China, 1997

Research Interests:

Dr. Chunlei Wang was with Florida International University, Miami, in Mechanical and Materials Engineering prior to joining University of Miami in 2023. She received all her three degrees in Solid State Physics from Jilin University, China, including B.S. ('90) from Physics Department, M.S. ('93) and Ph.D. ('97) degrees (PhD advisors: Prof. Guangtian Zou and Prof. Akio Hiraki) from State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials. During her dissertation work on investigation of defects and impurities in CVD diamond by Raman Spectroscopy and Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy, she spent two years in Prof. Akio Hiraki's lab ('95-'98) at the Osaka University supported by Japanese Government Scholarship. After she got her PhD, she spent three years as a research associate in Prof. Toshimichi Ito 's Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Lab ('98-'01), Department of Electrical Engineering, Osaka University and involved in a "Research for the Future" program sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). One of her contributions is development of a novel homoepitaxial growth technology that was used to grow the purest diamond layer ever created. She left Japan on April of 2001, and joined Prof. Henry Lee's Fiber Optics and Compound Semiconductor Lab ('01-'02) and Prof. Marc Madou 's BioMEMS lab('03-'06) at the the Henry Samueli School of Engineering, University of California, Irvine as a postdoctoral researcher, assistant specialist and then an assistant research professor. At UC Irvine, Dr. Wang continued to expand her horizons and worked on GaN based LEDs, Si processing, Fluidic self-assembly, C-MEMS/NEMS, 3D microbatteries, Ni and Si nanowires, Glucose Sensors, Drug Delivery, etc. In Madou group, Dr. Wang's research accomplishments resulted in several grants, patents, publications, and even a start-up company named "Carbon Microbattery Corporation".
Dr. Wang's research interest lies in the understanding of the physics of multifunctional materials such as various types of carbon (especially diamond and glassy carbon), gallium nitride which is the basis of blue lasers, and newly developed nanoscale materials (such as carbon nanofibers, Si nanowires and Ni nanowires). A natural outgrowth of this scientific interest in materials is the technical challenge and opportunities for synthesis, processing and the utilization of these materials in various application fields (such as: electronics, optoelectronics, energy, biological and chemical sensors) in state of the art micro and nano fabrication technology. Her current research fields at FIU include (1) CVD diamond, (2) MEMS, NEMS and BioMEMS, especially for energy application and biosensor application, and (3) drug delivery.

Dr. Wang's main research interest is synthesizing, characterizing, processing, and integrating various multifunctional materials such as carbon-based materials (diamond, graphite and glassy carbon, carbon nanotubes, etc.), Si and polymer materials, for electrical, electrochemical, optical, and biological applications. Recent research topics include: on-chip micropower, Li-ion microbatteries, supercapacitors, micro-biofuel cells, Electrostatic Spray Deposition (ESD), porous metal oxide materials, breast cancer detection, C-MEMS/NEMS, biosensos, drug delivery, CVD diamond