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Juan Nino

Juan Nino

Assistant Professor Department of Materials Scienc, University of Florida

Phone: (352) 846-3787

Fax: (352) 846-3355

172 Rhines Hall
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
P.O. Box 116400,
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611-6400



Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, PA, 2002

Research Interests:

Dr. Nino's research is focused primarily on the investigation of fundamental structure-property-processing-performance relationships governing electronic and nuclear materials covering ceramics, polymers, biomaterials and their composites. These relationships are then used towards the rational design and development of new and improved materials with properties tailored toward specific applications. Current research is concentrated in four main areas: (a) co-doping strategies for ionic conductivity enhancement in electrolytes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs); (b) development of pyrochlore ceramic cathodes for SOFCs; (c) synthesis and optimization of composite ceramic oxides for inert matrix fuel systems for nuclear reactors; and (d) structure-property relationships in dielectric ceramics for capacitive applications and microwave communication devices. Other research areas with current involvement include: (i) electrospinning of complex oxides for sensing, actuation and catalytic applications; (ii) biocompatible ferroelectric nanoparticle systems for hyperthermia cancer treatment; (iii) polymer-ceramic composites for flexible high power capacitors; and (iv) vibrational spectroscopy of materials using Raman, IR and THz spectrometers. Dr. Nino is an Associate Editor of the Journal of The American Ceramic Society and the Vice Chair of the Florida Section of the American Ceramic Society.