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Simon Phillpot

Simon Phillpot

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida

Phone: (352) 846-3782

Fax: (352) 846-3355

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
162 Rhines, P.O. Box 116400, Gainesville, Florida 32611-6400



Ph.D. Physics, University of Florida, 1985

Research Interests:

Dr. Phillpot uses theoretical and computer-based methods to address materials-related problems. Active research projects include materials issues in solid-oxide fuel cells, thermal transport in inorganic materials, ferroelectric and dielectric properties of oxides, and the properties of oxide materials for nuclear-fuel applications. Dr. Phillpot is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Physics. He is a member of the American Physical Society, the Materials Research Society, the Metals, Minerals and Materials Society and the American Ceramic Society. He has more than 124 publications addressing materials-related issues.