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Joseph Simmons

Joseph Simmons

Florida Gulf Coast University

Phone: (239) 590-1897


Ph.D. in Physics Catholic University of America, 1969, MS in Physics John Carroll University, 1966

Research Interests:

Quantum-size effects in the optical properties of semiconductor clusters.
Optical properties and carrier dynamics in wide-gap semiconductors.
Photo sensitivity in glass films.
Nonlinear optical behavior of materials and glasses.
Optical spectroscopy of materials at the nano-scale level.
Molecular dynamics simulations.
Nonlinear viscous flow and rheological behavior of molten glasses

Publications List:

Optical Materials, J. H. Simmons and K. S. Potter, Academic Press (2000).
Surface Active Processes in Materials, (Ceramic Transactions, vol 101), D. E. Clark, D. C. Folz and J. H. Simmons,
eds. The American Ceramic Society (1999).
Computational Modeling of Materials and Processing, (Ceramic Transactions, vol 69),
J. H. Simmons, E. R. Fuller,A. L. Dragoo and E. J. Garboczi, eds., The American Ceramic Society (1997).
Nucleation and Crystallization in Glasses, (Advances in Ceramics, vol 4), J. H. Simmons, D. R. Uhlmann and G. H.
Beall, eds., The American Ceramic Society (1982).