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Jonathan Wynn

Jonathan Wynn

Assistant Professor, Geology Department, University of South Florida

Phone: (813) 974-9369

Department of Geology
University of South Florida
4202 E Fowler Ave, SCA 528
Tampa, FL 33620



Ph.D., Geology, University of Oregon

Research Interests:

Paleoenvironments of human evolution in the Dikika Research Area , collaborator with Zeresenay Alemseged, Denis Geraads, Denne Reed, Rene Bobe, Shannon McPherron, and others.

Oxygen isotopes in mammalian tooth enamel from the Ethiopian Rift as a paleoenvironmental proxy, PhD supervisor of project by Zelalem Kubsa Bedaso

Exploration of Neogene Rift Valley Paleoenvironmental Record from the Red Series sediments, northern Afar, Ethiopia

Monitoring soil hydrology and the soil carbon cycle along a soil moisture gradient in a Florida Flatwoods Ecosystem

A Keeling Plot approach to diffusive CO2 flux in C3- and C4-dominated soil profiles, MS supervisor of project by Jennifer Chelladurai

Paleoclimatic archives from Ice Deposits in Scarisoara Ice Cave, Apuseni Mountains, Romania, collaborator with Bogdan Onac on PhD project by Aurel Persoiu

Biotically-induced carbonic acid speleogenesis in caves: Thornton's Cave, Florida, Crescent Top Cave, and San Salvador, Bahamas, collaborator on PhD project by Dorien McGee

Sulfur isotopic constraints on the genesis of cave gypsum and sulfuric acid speleogenesis in caves of the Cerna Valley, Romania, collaborator with Bogdan Onac on MS Project by Jon Sumrall

Publications List:

2008 Wynn, J.G., Bird, M.I., Environmental controls on the stable carbon isotopic composition of soil organic carbon: Implications for modelling the distribution of C3 and C4 plants, Australia, Tellus B, v. 60, p. 604-621.

2007 Wynn, J.G., Bird, M.I., C4-derived soil organic carbon decomposes faster than its C3 counterpart, Global Change Biology, v. 13, p. 2206-2217.

2005 Wynn, J.G., Bird, M.I., Wong, V.N.L. Rayleigh distillation and the depth profile of 13C/12C ratios in soil organic carbon from two soils in Iron Range National Park, Far North Queensland, Australia, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta. v.69, p.1961-1973.

2007 Wynn, J.G. Carbon isotope fractionation during decomposition of organic matter in soils and paleosols: Implications for paleoecological interpretations of paleosols. Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol., v. 251, p. 437-458.

2006 Wynn, J.G., Harden, J.W., and Fries, T.L. Carbon isotope depth profiles and soil organic carbon dynamics in the Mississippi Basin. Geoderma, v. 131, p.89-109.

2006 Wynn, J.G., Bird, M.I., Vellen, L., Carter, J., and Berry, S.L. Measuring variation of the Australian soil organic carbon pool with climatic, edaphic and biotic controls, Glob. Biogeochem. Cycles, v. 20, GB1007.

2010 Wynn, J.G., Sumrall, J.B., and Onac, B.P. Sulfur isotopic composition and the source of dissolved sulfur species in thermo-mineral springs of the Cerna Valley, Romania, Chemical Geology, v. 271, p. 31-43.

2008 Wynn, J.G., Roman, D.C., Alemseged, Z, Reed, D. Geraads, D. and Munro, S. Stratigraphy, depositional environments and basin structure of the Hadar and Busidima Formations at Dikika, Ethiopia, The Geological Context of Human Evolution in the Horn of Africa. GSA Special Paper, n. 446, p. 87-117.

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2006 Wynn, J.G., Alemseged, Z., Bobe, R., Geraads, D., Reed, D., Roman, D.C. Geological and palaeontological context of a Pliocene juvenile hominin at Dikika, Ethiopia, Nature, v.443, p.332-336.

2003 Wynn, J.G. Towards a physical model of CO2-induced stomatal frequency response. New Phytologist, v.157, p.394-398.