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David Zierden

David Zierden

Assistant in/ Climatologist, Meteorology/ COAPS, Florida State University

Phone: (850) 644-3417

2035 East Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32306?2840



MS, Meteorology, FSU

Research Interests:

Mr. David Zierden received his Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from Florida State University in April of 1997. He also earned a Masters of Science degree in meteorology from Florida State University in December of 1998 where his thesis research was directed by Dr. James J. O’Brien, noted El Niño expert and Director of the Center for Ocean Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS) at FSU. As an undergraduate and graduate student, Mr. Zierden was employed at COAPS as a data quality analyst, tasked with overseeing the quality control of marine meteorological observations from automated sensors. Upon receiving his MS degree in meteorology, Mr. Zierden was employed at COAPS as the Assistant State Climatologist. In 2006, he was promoted to State Climatologist for Florida. In charge of the day-to-day operations of the Florida Climate Center, Mr. Zierden oversees the provision of climate services to the people, businesses, and institutions of the State of Florida. As a contributing member of the Southeast Climate Consortium, Mr. Zierden also directs research into climate variability in Florida and the development climate information and forecast products. Mr. Zierden is a member of American Meteorological Society and Member of the American Association of State Climatologist.

Publications List:

Roncoli, C., Breuer, N., Bellow, J., Zierden, D., Ingram, K., Broad, K. (2006), Potential Applications of KBDI Forecasts for Fire Management Decisions in Georgia and Florida, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology (submitted). Fraisse, C. W., Bellow, J. G., Breuer, N., Cabrera, V., Hatch, L., Hoogenboom, G., Ingram, K., Jones, J. W., O'Brien, J.J., Paz, J., Zierden, D. (2006), AgClimate: A Climate Forecast Information System for Agricultural Risk Management in the Southeastern USA., Computers Electronics Agriculture (in press). Brolley, Justin, O'Brien, J., and Zierden, D. (2006), Experimental Forest Fire Threat Forecast in Florida, Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (submitted). Jagtap, S. S., P. Hildebrand, D. Letson, J. J. O’Brien, G. Podesta, D. Zierden, and F. Zazueta (2002), Responding to stakeholder demands for climate information: from research to applications in Florida, Agricultural Systems 74(3), 415-430. Letson, D., J. Hansen, P. Hildebrand, J.W. Jones, J.J. O'Brien, G. Podesta, F. Royce and D. Zierden (2001), Florida's Agriculture and Climatic Variability: Reducing Vulnerability, The Florida Geographer, 32, 38-57.