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J. William Louda

J. William Louda

Senior Scientist, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Florida Atlantic University

Phone: (561) 297-3309

Fax: (561) 297-2759

S&E 121
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431



Ph.D., University of South Florida, Marine Science, 1993

Research Interests:

Dr. Louda's research interests center around the so-called lipophilic pigments. Specifically, these are the chlorophylls, chlorophyll derivatives, carotenoids, certain polyaromatic hydrocarbons (perylene) and a dimeric indole-phenol (scytonemin).

Publications List:

Louda, J.W., Neto, R.R., Magalhaes, A.R.M., and Schneider, V.F. (2008) Pigment alterations in the brown mussel Perna perna. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology (ms#15043: accepted, in press)

Szymczak-Zyla, M., Louda, J.W. and Kowalewska, G. (2008) Comparison of extraction and HPLC methods for marine sedimentary chloropigment-a determinations. J. Liquid Chromatogr. & Rel. Tech. 31: 1162-1180.

Louda, J.W. (2008) Pigment-Based Chemotaxonomy of Florida Bay Phytoplankton; Development and Difficulties. J. Liquid Chromatogr & Rel. Tech. 31: 295-323.

Szymczak-Zyla, M., Louda, J.W. and Kowalewska, G. (2008) Influence of microorganisms on chlorophyll-a degradation in the marine environment. Limnol. Oceanogr. 58: 851-862.

Moretzaei-Rad, M. and Louda, J.W. (2007) Polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB), a mild stationary phase for the chromatographic purification of the unstable 132, 173-cyclopheophorbide-a-enol. J. Liquid Chromatogr. & Rel. Technol. 30: 1361-1369.

Hgerthey, S.E., Louda, J.W. and Mongkronsri, P. (2006) Evaluation of pigment extraction methods and a recommended protocol for periphyton chlorophyll a determination and chemotaxonomic assessment. J. Phycology 42: 1125-1136.

Neto, R.R., Mead, R.N., Louda, J.W. and Jaffe, R. (2006) Organic biogeochemistry of detrital flocculent material (floc) in a subtropical, coastal, wetland. Biogeochem. 77: 283-304.