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Wolfgang Sigmund

Wolfgang Sigmund

Associate Professor, Department of Materials Scien, University of Florida

Phone: (352) 846-3343

225 Rhines hall, PO box 116400



Ph.D. Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany, 1992.

Research Interests:

Nanoscience and nanotechnology for energy and environmental applications. Applied colloid science and interfacial chemistry for processing on all length scales (nano, meso, micro, macro) with specialties in sol-gel processing, powder processing, hetero-supermolecular chemistry and solid freeform fabrication for ceramics, polymers, hybrids and biomaterials, emergence of nanofabrication, directed self-assembly, and complexity. Wolfgang Sigmund is a member of the American Ceramic Society, the American Chemical Society, the German Ceramic Society, the European Ceramic Society, the German Society for Materials, KERAMOS (ceramic honor society), NICE (National Institute of Ceramic Engineers) and an elected member of the European Academy of Sciences. Wolfgang Sigmund has been an active researcher in the field of ceramics and materials research for more than 10 years, and has published more than 100 peer-reviewed research articles, in journals such as J. Applied Physics, J. Colloid Interface Science, J. American Ceramic Society, Langmuir, J. Materials Research, J. European Ceramic Society, and J. of Materials Science. His work is often cited by his peers and has been recognized with over $1,500,000 (in the last 5 years) in funding by NASA, NSF, DARPA, and EPA as well as private foundations. He is a frequent reviewer for granting agencies (NASA, NSF, Air Force and others) and journals. Furthermore, he is editor of the Journal “Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences” which is ranked as #4 journal in the world in condensed matter physics and #9 in general materials sciences according to ISI.