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Howard Hanson

Howard Hanson

Professor, Scientific Director, Center for Ocean Energy Technology, College of Engineering and Computer Sci, Florida Atlantic University

Phone: (561) 297-2460

Fax: (561) 297-2962

Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Office SE 330



Ph.D, 1979, Atmospheric Science, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami B.S., 1972, Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests:

Atmosphere-ocean interaction boundary-layer meteorology upper ocean processes climate system feedback processes alternative/renewable energy strategies

Publications List:

  • Hanson, H.P., S.K. Skemp, G.M. Alsenas, and C.E. Coley, 2010: Power from the Florida Current: A new perspective on an old vision. Submitted to Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.
  • Skemp, S.K., H.P. Hanson, and G.M. Alsenas, 2010: Toward an ocean-energy roadmap. Submitted to Oceanography.
  • Hanson, H.P., S.K. Skemp, L. Berry, G.M. Alsenas, and C.E. Coley, 2010: Open-ocean current challenges. Submitted to Oceanography.
  • Hanson, H.P., 2009: Diversified renewables. EnergyBiz, 6(4) 52
  • Elliott, S.M., and H.P. Hanson, 2003: Syndication of the earth system: The future of geoscience? Environmental Science and Policy 6, 457-463.
  • Hanson, H.P., 2003: Down from the ivory tower: Climate science faces the real world. TheScientificWorldJOURNAL, 3, 354-356.
  • Johnston, N.A.C., D.R. Blake, F.S. Rowland, S. Elliott, K.S. Lackner, H.J. Ziock, M.K. Dubey, H.P. Hanson, and S. Barr, 2003: Chemical transport modeling of potential atmospheric CO2 sinks. Energy Conversion and Management, 44, 681-689.
  • Hanson, H.P., and S.M. Elliott, 2002: View from aFAR: Increasing Relevance of Climate Research. Directions in Science, 1, 33-37.
  • Hanson, H.P., 2002: Radiative destabilization in clear-sky cooling calculations. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 83, 111-112.
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  • Hanson, H.P., M.M. Bradley, J.E. Bossert, R.R. Linn, and L.W. Younker, 2000: The potential and promise of physics-based wildfire simulation. Environmental Science and Policy,3, 161-172.
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