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Manhar Dhanak

Manhar Dhanak

Professor and Director, Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering, Florida Atlantic University

Phone: (954) 924-7242

101 North Beach Road, Dania Beach, Florida 33004



Ph.D., Imperial College, University of London

Research Interests:

  • Oceanic Turbulence and AUV-based Oceanographic Surveying
  • Vortex Dynamics
  • Boundary Layer and Wake Flows
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Hydroacoustics

Publications List:

  • Coherent vortex model for surface pressure fluctuations induced by the wall region of a turbulent boundary layer. M R Dhanak, A P Dowling and C Si. 1997. Phys. Fluids. 9, 2716-2731.
  • The effect of streamwise pressure gradient on a corner boundary layer. M R Dhanak and P W Duck. 1997. Proceedings of the Royal Society. 453, 1793-1815.
  • On turbulent skin friction reduction on a plane surface through spanwise oscillation of the surface. M R Dhanak and C Si. 1999. J. Fluid Mechanics, 383, pp. 175-195
  • An Autonomous Ocean Turbulence Measurement Platform. M R Dhanak and K Holappa. 1999 Journal of Atmospheric and Ocean Technology, 16, 1506 - 1518.
  • Non-similarity solutions to the corner boundary-layer equations and the effects of wall transpiration. P W Duck, S R Stow and M R Dhanak. 1999. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 400. 125-162.
  • Boundary-layer flow along a ridge: alternatives to the Falkner-Skan solutions. P. W. Duck, S R Stow and M. R. Dhanak. 2000 Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. 358, 3075-3090.
  • A Cross-Platform Microdtructure Turbulence Measurement Package. K. Holappa, and M. R. Dhanak, OCEANS 2000 MTS/IEEE Conference and Exhibition , Volume: 3 , 2000, Pages: 2177 - 2183
  • Coastal Oceanography using a small AUV. E. An, M. R. Dhanak, L K Shay, S Smith and J Van Leer. 2001 Journal of Atmospheric and Ocean Technology, 18, 215-234.
  • An AUV Survey in the Littoral Zone: Small-scale Subsurface Variability Accompanying Synoptic Observations of Surface Currents. Manhar R Dhanak, Edgar An, and Ken Holappa. 2001. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering. 26, 752-768.
  • Turbulent convection driven by surface cooling in shallow water, 2002 Zikanov, O., Slinn, D. N., & Dhanak, M. R. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol. 464, pp. 81-111.
  • Large-eddy simulations of the wind-induced turbulent Ekman layer 2002. Zikanov, O., Slinn, D. N., & Dhanak, M. R. Submitted to Journal of Fluid Mechanics.
  • SFOMC, A Successful Navy And Academic Partnership Providing Sustained Ocean Observation Capabilities in the Florida Straits, W. Venezia, W. Baxley, P. Tatro, M. Dhanak, F.R. Driscoll, P. Beaujean, S. Shock,S. Glegg, E. An, M. Luther, B. Weisberg, H. DeFerrari, N. Williams, H. Nguyen, N.Shay, J. Van Leer, R. Dodge, D. Gilliam, A. Soloviev, S. Pomponi, M. Crane, and K.Carter, 2003, Marine Technology Society Journal, Vol. 37, 81-91.
  • Impact of the NNRNE Program on Ocean Engineering Education. Manhar Dhanak, R. Yeung and S. Kinnas. ASEE Annual Conference and Exhibition. Austin, TX. 2009.
  • A Project-oriented Team-based Learning. Edgar An and M R Dhanak. ASEE Annual Conference and Exhibition. Austin, TX. 2009
  • Boundary Layer Control using an Oscillatory Lorentz Forcing. Ryan Seltzer and Manhar Dhanak. MARELEC Conference 2009. Stockholm, Sweden 2009.
  • Air-Cushion Vehicle Response to Waves in the Surf Zone. M. R. Dhanak. Oceans MTS/ IEEE Conference. Biloxi, MS. October, 2009.
  • Adverse Weather Experiment: AUV-based Observations of Subsurface Distribution of Dissipation Rate in a Shallow Water Column in Response to the Passage of a Cold Atmospheric Front. M. Chernys and M R Dhanak. In preparation.