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Tristan Fiedler

Tristan Fiedler

Vice President and Provost, Federal Research Programs & Corporate Relations, Florida Institute of Technology

Phone: (321) 674-7723

F.W. Olin Life Sciences, 214
150 W. University Blvd
Melbourne, Florida 32901



Ph.D. Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami

Research Interests:

DNA & Bioethics -- Human life begins with nearly 6 feet of a molecule so thin that a powerful electron microscope is needed to see its 3 billion base pairs spanning 46 chromosomes. This elegant simplicity is housed in a double helix forming the fundamental molecule of heredity. Science has transformed this simple structure into a biotechnology revolution. His interests focuses on the bioethical implications of understanding our genome sequence and of being able to artificially synthesize novel genomes, including those in stem cells, genetically modified food, and DNA vaccines. Molecular Biology & Protein Structures -- In 1913, an orderly pattern of x-rays was observed emerging from a crystal. The following century has resulted in the elucidation of nearly 45,000 protein structures. Academic, pharmaceutical, and government laboratories are now racing to solve the most critical biomedical protein structures to get a precise picture of these molecules and regulate their activity when things go haywire during disease. Dr. Fiedler is interested in using structural biology in teaching and research programs to help students visual molecular biology.

Publications List:

  • Tristan J. Fiedler, A. Hudder, S.J. McKay, S. Shivkumar, T.R. Capo, M.C. Schmale, P.J. Walsh. 2010. The transciptome of the early life history stages of the California Sea Hare Aplysia californica. Comp Biochem Phys D. Epub accepted 29 Mar 2010
  • Tristan J. Fiedler, Claudiu M. Nelersa, Yuhong Zuo, Adviye A. Tolun and Arun Malhotra. 2010. Structure of Oligoribonuclease is Optimized for Degradation of Small Oligonucleotidese. manuscript in preparation.
  • Tristan J. Fiedler, Darin Blasiar, Avril Coghlan, Paul Flicek, Todd W. Harris, Sheldon J. McKay, Lincoln D. Stein. 2008. nGASP: the nematode Genome Annotation Assessment Project. BMC Bioinformatics. 9(1):549
  • Rogers A, Antoshechkin I, Bieri T, Blasiar D, Bastiani C, Canaran P, Chan J, Chen WJ, Davis P, Fernandes J, Fiedler TJ, Han M, Harris TW, Kishore R, Lee R, McKay S, Mller HM, Nakamura C, Ozersky P, Petcherski A, Schindelman G, Schwarz EM, Spooner W, Tuli MA, Van Auken K, Wang D, Wang X, Williams G, Yook K, Durbin R, Stein LD, Spieth J, Sternberg PW. WormBase 2007. Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Jan;36(Database issue):D612-7. Epub 2007 Nov 8.
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