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Yajie Dong

Yajie Dong

Assistant Professor, NanoScience Technology Center, University of Central Florida

Fax: (407) 882-2819

12424 Research Parkway
Suite 483
Orlando, FL 32826



BS and MS degrees in Chemistry from Tsinghua University of Beijing, China, PhD degree from Prof. Charles Lieber's group at Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department of Harvard University

Research Interests:

Dr. Yajie Dong's group is broadly interested in materials challenges in nanoelectronics, optoelectronics and energy technology, particularly in nonvolatile resistive switches for information storage, quantum dot based light emitting devices (QLEDs), organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells, and new battery materials and architectures for large scale energy storage. Some highlights of previous research: * Discovery of rectified Ag/a-Si/c-Si crossbar resistive random access memory (RRAM) effect, the origin of silicon valley based advanced RRAM startup Crossbar Inc. * Demonstration of functional single nanowire photovoltaic, light emitting devices and electrochemical devices. * Discovery of the universal van der Waals epitaxial (VDWE) growth of compound semiconductor nanowires on mica. * Development of ultrabright, highly efficient, inverted quantum dot light emitting devices (QLEDs) with innovative structure design and processing.