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Mark Jamison

Mark Jamison

Director, Public Utility Research Center, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida

Phone: (352) 392-2929

Fax: (352) 392-7796

PO Box 117142
Gainesville, FL 32611-7142



Ph.D., Economics, Warrington College of Business Admin., University of Florida, 2001

Research Interests:

Research focuses on the nexus between business strategy and government policies, primarily for network and information industries in an international context. Questions that capture Dr. Jamison's interests are those that break new ground, challenge conventional wisdom, or test conflicting points of view. Current research projects include studies of network ownership and entrepreneurship, strategic choices in network connectivity, effects of public and private ownership, best practices in regulatory policy, and leadership in public policy.

Publications List:

Broadband and Contributions to Economic Growth: The U.S. Experience and Future Direction.? Forthcoming. Telecommunications Policy [with Lynne Holt]. Effects of Using Specific versus General Data in Social Program Research.? Forthcoming. Applied Economics [with Janice Hauge]. Whose Call Is It? Targeting Universal Service to Low-Income Households' Telecommunications Preferences.? Telecommunications Policy, 33(3-4): 129-145, 2009 [with Janice A. Hauge and Eric P. Chiang]. Discounting Telephone Service: An Examination of Participation in the Lifeline Assistance Program Using Panel Data.? Information Economics and Policy, 20(2): 135-149, 2008 [with Janice Hauge and R. Todd Jewell]. Bureaucrats as Entrepreneurs: Do Municipal Telecommunications Providers Hinder Private Entrepreneurs?? Information Economics and Policy, 20(1): 89-102, 2008 [with Janice Hauge and Richard Gentry].