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Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
and Nanomaterials and Nonomanu, University of South Florida

Phone: (813) 974-3942

Fax: (813) 974-3610

4202 East Fowler Avenue
Tampa, FL 33620



Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering, North Carolina State University, 1992

Research Interests:

Emerging Nanotechnology for Energy Applications; Nanomaterials Fabrication, Characterization, and its Applications; Laser and Plasma Assisted Processing, Characterization, and Device Technologies of Electronic, Ferroelectric, Magnetic, High-Tc and Polymeric Thin Films; Sensor Technology for Functional Applications; Structure-property Relationship (Electrical, Mechanical, Optical, Magnetic etc. ) in Thin Films; Analytical Characterization Techniques of Surfaces and Thin Films