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Fredric Ham

Fredric Ham

Harris Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology

Phone: (321) 674-8138

F.W. Olin Engineering, 342
150 W. University Blvd
Melbourne, Florida 32901



Ph.D. Iowa State University

Research Interests:

Research interests include applications of neural networks; infrasound signal processing, specifically, classifying infrasonic events using neural networks for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty; biomedical signal processing and biosensors, specifically, development of a non-invasive glucose sensor; adaptive signal processing; digital image processing; and pattern recognition. Other research interests include the development of independent component analysis-based signal separation algorithms for separating speech signals in acoustically hostile environments, and applications of independent component analysis to digital image processing.

Publications List:

  • F.M. Ham, K. Rekab, R. Acharyya and Y-C Lee, 2008. Infrasound Signal Classification Using Parallel RBF Neural Networks. International Journal of Signal, Image and Systems Engineering. 1 (3 & 4): 155-167.
  • Ham, F.M. and R. Acharyya, 2007. A Universal Neural Network-Based Infrasound Event Classifier. Signal and Image Processing for Remote Sensing, Part I, Chapter 3, Ed.: C.H. Chen, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group).
  • Park, S. and Ham, F.M., 2005. Secure Medical Image Transmission Using Independent Component Analysis of Digitally Modulated Mixtures. Journal of Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computation, 13: 37-50.
  • Delgado, H.J., Thursby, M.H. and Ham, F.M., 2005. A Novel Neural Network used for Synthesis of Antennas and Microwave Devices. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks. 16 (6): 1590-1600.
  • Hicks, C.L. and F.M. Ham. 2001. An Efficient Method for Performing Discrete Convolution Using Kronecker Products. Journal of Neural, Parallel, and Scientific Computations, 9 (3&4): 369-388.