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Mark Archambault

Mark Archambault

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology

Phone: (321) 674-7749

Florida Institute of Technology
150 West University Boulevard
Melbourne, FL 32901-6975



Ph.D., Stanford University, 1999; M.S., Florida Tech, 1993; B.S., Florida Tech, 1992

Research Interests:

Research Interests

Dr. Archambault’s research interests primarily lie in the field of propulsion and combustion, with special emphasis on rocket engine applications. Specific areas of interest include fuel injector modeling (gas and liquid), injector/chamber compatibility, multi-phase fluid flow, spray and particulate dynamics, combustion efficiency, rocket engine performance analysis, electric and laser propulsion, and solid rocket motors. Other general areas of interest are combustion modeling, fluid dynamics, turbulence, and aerodynamics. Dr. Archambault makes extensive use of computational modeling in his work, and is therefore also heavily engaged in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) on both the application and theory sides of the field.

Current Research

Dr. Archambault is currently conducting rocket plume modeling including cratering of the lunar surface (funded by NASA), predicting the transient ignition over-pressure wave from a SRM, and thermal radiative transfer. He also is continuing to develop and numerical implement a probabilistic model describing spray flows.