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Spyros Svoronos

Spyros Svoronos

Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Florida

Phone: (352) 392-9101

219 Chemical Engineering Building
Gainesville, FL 32611



Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Research Interests:

Biological Wastewater Treatment: Biological treatment systems are the most important means of removing nitrogen from wastewater. Very often, these systems utilize a single population of bacteria that are alternately exposed to aerobic conditions conducive to nitrification and anoxic conditions that allow denitrification. To maximize the rate of nitrogen removal, it is important that the bacteria adapt quickly to these changing conditions. We have demonstrated that bacteria changing from dissolved oxygen to nitrate as electron acceptors will experience a significant diauxic lag (period of no bacterial growth and nitrogen removal), sometimes lasting several hours. Obviously, significant lags can adversely affect the rate and, therefore, the economics of biological nitrogen removing processes. The goal of our research is to better understand the phenomenon of diauxic growth on oxygen and nitrate as alternate electron acceptors. Particle Processing: Size reduction to specifications is critical to the pharmaceutical and other industries. We are conducting experimental and modeling research on milling and classification.

Publications List:

1. Jantama, K., Zhang, X., Moore, J.C., Shanmugam, K.T., Svoronos, S.A. and Ingram, L.O., “Eliminating Side Products and Increasing Succinate Yields in Engineered Strains of Escherichia coli C,” Biotech. Bioeng., in press (2008).
2. Lee, D.-U., Woo, S.-H., Svoronos, S.A. and Koopman, B., “Determination of Diauxic Lag in Continuous Culture,” Biotech. Bioeng., in press (2008).
3. Lee, D.-U., Woo, S.-H., Svoronos, S.A., Park, S.-J. and Koopman, B., “Apparatus and Method for Achieving Reproducible Measurements of Diauxic Lag Length and Anoxic Net Maximum Specific Growth Rate,” Environmental Technology, 29 (2008) 731.
4. Hamilton, R., Braun, B., Koopman, B. And Svoronos, S.A., “Estimation of Nitrate Reductase Enzyme Parameters in Activated Sludge Using an Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm,” Water Research, 42 (2008) 1889.
5. Jantama, K., Haupt, M.J., Svoronos, S.A., Zhang, X., Moore, J.C., Shanmugam, K.T. and Ingram, L.O., “Combining Metabolic Engineering and Metabolic Evolution to Develop Nonrecombinant Strains of E. coli C that Produce Succinate and Malate,” Biotech. Bioeng., 99 (2008) 1140.