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Leonel Lagos

Leonel Lagos

Program Director and Principal Investigator, Florida International University

Phone: (305) 348-1810

Fax: (305) 348-1852

Applied Research Center
Florida International University
10555 W Flagler St., EC 2100
Miami, FL 33174


Research Interests:

During his tenure at FIU-ARC, Dr. Lagos has developed environmental technologies for the treatment of radiological contaminated surfaces and disposal of nuclear waste. His research has resulted in U.S. and European patents for a Mobile Integrated Piping Decontamination and Characterization System. He has developed and implemented innovative methods for the environmental cleanup of DOE radiological contaminated facilities and conducted over 200 technology demonstrations, evaluations, and deployments at the ARC Large Scale Testing Facility, DOE sites, and commercial nuclear facilities. Dr. Lagos has developed remote systems including a remote crate size reduction tool deployed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a remote wall decontamination system, and a remote floor characterization system. In addition, Dr. Lagos and his team have collaborated with Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the development of a Stack Characterization System and with International Climbing Machines in the development of a remote platform for the application and remote removal of strippable coatings from radiological contaminated surfaces.