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Arif I Sarwat

Arif I Sarwat

Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Director, Energy, Power & Sustainability (EPS), Department of Electrical and Computer, Florida International University

Phone: (305) 348-4941

Office: EC3913, Lab: EC 3920, Phone (Lab): 305 348 2935

Mail: Florida International University(FIU), 10555 West Flagler St., EC3913, Miami, FL 33174

Research Interests:

Smart Grid, High Penetration Renewable Systems, Large Scale Distributed Generation Integration, Central Command & Diagnostic Center, Large Scale Data Analysis, Electric Power Engineering, Power System Reliability, Industry Efficiencies, Interoperability, Advance Metering Infrastructure, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Power Systems, PHEV Systems, Distributed Power Systems, Micro-grids, Storage, Exploring Links between Weather, Reliability, Economics and Markets, Machine Drives, Demand Response and Demand Side Management, Predictive Self Healing Networks and Strategic Load Pockets.