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Konstantinos Kavallieratos

Konstantinos Kavallieratos

Associate Professor, Florida International University

Phone: (305) 348-6034

Fax: (305) 348-3772

11200 SW 8th St. CP 326,
Miami, FL 33199.



Ph. D., Chemistry, Yale University, 1998 (June)

Research Interests:

  • Hydrogen bonding in molecular recognition and self-assembly.
  • Applications to organometallic and coordination chemistry, organic synthesis, catalysis and separation technology.
  • Crystal engineering and supramolecular arrays.
  • Sensors and novel materials for biomimetic and environmental applications.

Publications List:

20. R. J. Alvarado, J. M. Rosenberg, A. Andreu, J. C. Bryan, W.-Z. Chen, T. Ren, K. Kavallieratos. Structural insights into the coordination and extraction of Pb(II) by disulfonamide ion exchangers. Inorg. Chem., 2005, in press.

19. K. Kavallieratos, A. J. Sabucedo, A. T. Pau, J. M. Rodriguez. APCI-MS characterization of anionic adducts. J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 2005, 16, 1377 .

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