April 2013 UF Symposium


Sustaining Economies and Natural Resources in a Changing World:

Key Role of Land Grant Universities

This energy symposium was held at the University of Florida’s Reitz Union on April 2nd-3rd, 2013 in which important issues regarding rapid climate change and the challenges brought to the sustainable industry were addressed, along with feasible and efficient solutions. Talks from professors, with regards to the rapid changing climate.

The intended purpose for the presentations were to inform the public on general knowledge about how to:
– Better characterize the major challenges to sustaining economies and natural resources
– Identify state, national, and international research priorities needed to address the challenges
– Cultivate cooperation amongst academic, industrial, and governmental partnerships
– Ensure that our work continues to be relevant to society

Speakers, researchers, industry leaders, and agencies from both public and private entities brought their insights and expertise to create dialogue which will help address key challenges, and suggest visionary research and extension programs that should be targeted to achieve sustainable solutions.

Special thanks go out to Dr. James W. Jones, Dr. Jack Payne and Dr. Kirk Hatfield for putting this symposium together and help raise awareness in this very important matter.

Program Agenda

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