2013 Symposium

SEC Attendees


Faculty & Post Doc.

Attendees Department
Vendrame, Wagner A. Environmental Horticulture, Tropical Research and Education Center
Ziegler, Kirk J. Chemical Engineering
Yoon, Yong-Kyu Electrical and Computer Engineering
Brown, Mark T. Environmental Engineering Sciences
Jensen, Michael T. IFAS Extension in Highlands County
Ten, Elena Microbiology and Cell Science
Timilsina, Nilesh School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Saballos, Ana Agronomy

Graduate Students

Askar, Khalid Chemical Engineering
Burrs, Stephanie Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Buxy, Samriddhi Agricultural and Biological Engineering
De Vilbiss, Christopher Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dube, Patrick Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Goncalves, Elton Carvalho Horticultural Sciences
Guo, Yuanxiong Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hazelbaker, Eric Chemical Engineering
Jairam, Suguna Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Ji, Wen Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Lai, Tzung-Han MSC
Lamm, Kevan W. Agricultural Education and Communication
Lee, Uisung Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Manders, Jesse R MSC
Mishra, Subhankar Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Moreira, Cesar M. Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Mueller, Robert Chemical Engineering
Na, Chae-In Agronomy
Phalin, Amanda J. Ecomomics
Rahimi, Arian Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sinche, Marco Agronomy
Toussaint, Reginald Soil and Water Science
Xu, Cheng Chemical Engineering
Yang, Shunchang Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Zhao, Yang Chemical Engineering
Na, Wu Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Jefrry Fedenco Agronomy

Undergraduate Students

Attendees Department
Accad,Ashley Anne R Chemical Engineering
Ballard, Trevor Industrial and Systems Engineering
Beesting, Alexandra V Geography, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Caesar, Matthew Mechanical Engineering
Eyzaguirre, Eric Agriculture and Biological Engineering
Gomez, Geronimo Etchechury Civil Engineering
Gorodetsky, Sydney Family Youth and Community Services
Jones, Taryn Mechanical Engineering
Kincaid, Steven Electrical and Computer Engineering
Libanoff, Matthew JM/Advertising, LS/Sustainability
Mekwinski, Camille Environmental Engineering
Metal, Melanie Geography, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Moncada, Angelica School of Natural Resources and Environment
O’Connell, James K. Environmental Engineering Sciences
O’Connor, Ian Industrial & Systems Engineering
Reyes, Nichole Mechanical Engineering
Siljestrom, Ian Design, Construction, and Planning
Smith,Patrick T Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sohbatzadeh, Shayan Electrical Engineering
Symoens, Brandon Aerospace Engineering
Syvertsen, Tessa Environmental Engineering
Vinson, Nicolas M Chemical Engineering
Walsh, Ashley Environmental Engineering Sciences
Wells, Austin Material Sc and Engineering
Wyers, Jonathan Nuclear Engineering