2010 Summit

2010 Poster Presentations

Poster Overviews (2 minutes each)

Moderator: David Block; Co-Moderator: Darlene Slattery

Biomass Resources

3:30 DFT studies on the promotional effect of platinum for the reduction of CoPt bimetallic catalyst in Fischer Tropsch Synthesis – Nianthrini Balakrishnan (#2)

3:32 Microalgae to Biofuels: Investigating the Role of Microbes in Wastewater-Derived Algal Cultivation Systems – Claire Smith, Joel Kostka, and Mike Wetz (#27)

3:34 Microalgae to Biofuels: Algal Growth Optimization in Treated Municipal Wastewater Effluent – Kristina Welch, Michael Wetz, and Joel Kostka (#34)

3:36 3:38 Optimization and Lipid Profiling of Algae Biofuel Feedstocks Grown in Wastewater – William Cooper, Chris Witowski, David Podgorski, Michael Wetz, and Joel Kostka (#72)

3:38 H2 Production from Cellulosic Biomass for Bio-jet Fuels – John Dascomb, Anjaneyulu Krothapalli, Brenton Greska, Duyen Nguyen, and Krishniah Parimi (#74)

3:40 Woody Crops for Bioenergy Production in FloridaGary Peter, Alejandro Riveros-Walker, Jianzing Zhang, Patricio Munoz, Bijay Tamang, Don Rockwood, Matias Kirst and, Evandro Novaes (#82)

3:42 Cost Models for a Biomass Based Transportation Fuels Plant – Matt Wetherington and Babu Joseph (#94)

3:44 A Model Cobalt/Silica FTS Nanocomposite Preparation by Surface FunctionalizationBijith Mankidy, John Wolan, Babu Joseph, and Vinay Gupta (#28)

3:46 Effect of Catalyst Preparation Conditions on the Performance of Eggshell Cobalt/SiO2 Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis – Sayed Ali Gardezi, Babu Joseph, John Wolan and Yogi Goswami (#3)

3:50 Quantum Chemical calculations on biodiesel production reactions – Donato Aranda (#83)


Carbon Capture

3:52 Terrestrial Carbon (TerraC) Information SystemSabine Grunwald, Timothy A. Martin, Brandon Hoover, Gustavo M. Vasquez, Biao Zhong, and David DePatie, Jr.(#21)

3:54 Carbon Balance in Florida: Vegetation Sequestration Offsets Residential Energy-Fuel Emissions – Tingting Zhao and Mark Horner (#36)

3:56 Accuracy of Geochemistry Software in Predicting Carbon Dioxide Dissolution in Brine at High Pressure and Salinity – Arlin Briley, Shadab Anwar, Jeffrey Cunningham, Mark Thomas, and Maya Trotz (#43)

3:58 Geochemical Modeling of CO2 Sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers in Florida – Mark Thomas, Arlin Briley, Maya Trotz, Mark Stewart, and Jeff Cunningham (#48)

4:00 Reversible Capture of CO2 using Calcium Oxide and DolomiteYogi Goswami, Dru Latchman, and Saeb Besarati (#73)

4:02 Biocatalytic Strategies for Lignin Conversion – Jon Stewart, Bradford Sullivan (#105)

4:04 Accounting for the Carbon Costs of Alternative Water Supplies in the Tampa Bay RegionEleanor Foerste, M. Jennison Kipp, Dave Bracciano, and Pierce Jones (#113)


Education and Outreach

4:06 Sustainable Floridians: A University of Florida/IFAS Extension Community Education Program – Kathryn Ziewitz (#91)

4:08 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory: A Road Map to Getting There! – Sudeep Vyapari and Barbara Larson (#120)

4:10 Building the Technician Workforce for Florida’s Energy FutureMarilyn Barger, Richard Gilbert, and Jorge Monreal (#29)


Energy Efficiency and Conservation

4:12 The Zero Energy House Learning Center – Stanley Russell, Mario Rodriquez, Mark Weston (#65)


Energy Systems

4:14 Nuclear Fusion: The Real Solar Power and Renewable Energy Source – Kyron Williams, Joseph Johnson, III, and Charles Weatherford (#40)

4:16 Modeling and Design Optimization of Distributed Transformers for Renewable Energy ApplicationKejiu Zhang, Thomas Wu, Haibing Hu, Nasser Kutkut, John Shen, and Issa Batarseh (#45)

4:18 Regenerative Electric Power for More Electric Aircraft – Yuhang Deng, Indranil Bhattacharya, and Simon Foo (#47)

4:20 Dual Flyback Converter Module Design – Karthik Padmanabhan, Charles Jourdan, Jesus Barrios, Zheng Shen (#49)

4:22 Design and Evaluation of a Midrange Wireless Power Transfer System – Jamie Garnica, Joaquin Casanova, Jenshan Lin (#51)

4:24 Combining Carbon dioxide Sequestration and Hydrogen Production – Sunshant Kumar, Vadym Drozd, and Surendra Kumar Saxena (#55)

4:26 Secure Energy Systems – An Initial ViewTejaswini Akunuri, Pramod Khargonekar (#88)

4:28 Off-Grid Zero Emissions Building – Shannon Ingersoll (#123)


Energy Storage

4:30 Design Considerations for Distributed Micro-Storage Systems in Residential ApplicationsAla Al-Haj Hussein, Souhib Harb, Nasser Kutkut, John Shen, and Issa Batarseh (#18)

4:32 Analysis of a Latent Thermal Energy Storage Module – Sarada Kuravi, Jamie Trahan, Muhammad Rahman, Yogi Goswami, and Elias Stefanakos (#77)

4:34 Integrated Carbon Nanotubes to C-MEMS for On-chip Supercapacitors – Wei Chen, Majid Beidaghi, Chunlei Wang (#84)

4:36 Carbon Nanotube-confined MnO2 Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Capacitors – Wei Chen, Chunlei Wang, Kevin Bechtold, Majid Beidaghi, and Varun Penmatsa (#85)

4:38 3D Microsupercapacitor Based on C-MEMS with Improved Electrode Design – Majid Beidaghi, Varun Penmatsa, Wei Chen, Chunlei Wang (#86)

4:40 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of SEI on Porous SnO2/CNT Composite Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries – Abirami Dhanabalan, Xifei Li, Yan Yu, Kevin Bechtold, Chunlei Wang (#87)

4:42 Thermal Gravimetric and Volumetric Hydrogen Desorption in LiNH2-nanoMgH2Dervis Emre Demirocak, Sesha Srinivasan, Yogi Goswami, and Elias Stefanakos (#89)

4:44 Virtual Battery Charging Station Utilizing Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop: Application to V2G Impact Analysis – Brian Hacker, Chris Edrington, Oleg Vodyakho, Sardis Azongha, Alireza Khaligh, Omer Onar (#6)


Fuel Cells

4:46 Insight into Membrane Degradation Mechanisms through Verification of Chemical and Mechanical Degradation Test Capabilities – Darlene Slattery, Leonard Bonville, Marianne Rodgers (#13)

4:48 Electrodeposition of Catalyst for use in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells – Marianne Rodgers and Cunping Huang (#39)

4:50 Modeling and Optimization of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Unit – Wen Hang, Juan Ordonez, Jose Vargas (#122)



4:52 Analysis and Control of a Multi-string Photovoltaic (PV) System Interfaced with a Utility Grid – Chris S. Edrington, Saritha Balathandayuthapani, Jianwu Cao (#4)

4:54 Adaptive Sun Tracking Algorithm for Incident Energy Maximization and Efficiency Improvement of PV PanelsRaghuram Ranganathan, Wasfy Mikhael, Nasser Kutkut, and Issa Batarseh (#10)

4:56 Development of High Throughput CIGS Manufacturing ProcessNeelkanth Dhere (#14)

4:58 Development of Low Cost CIGS Thin Film Hot Carrier Solar Cells– Yige Hu, Gijs Bosman, Timothy Anderson (#33)

5:00 Novel Inverted Device Architecture used to Optimize Vertical Phase Segregation in Low-Bandgap Donor-acceptor Polymer Based Organic Photovoltaic Devices – Frederick Steffy, Kaushik Coudhury, Jegadesan Subbiah, Chad Amb, John Reynolds, and Franky So (#64)

5:02 Beyond Photovoltaics: Nanoscale Rectenna for Conversion of Solar and Thermal Energy to Electricity Subramanian Krishnan, Elias Stefanakas, Yogi Goswami, Shekhar Bhansali, Rudran Ratnadurai, Michael Celestin (#69)

5:04 High rate chemical vapor deposition of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 photovoltaic absorber – Christopher Muzzillo, Timothy Anderson (#98)

5:06 Study of the grid-connected PV system based on Z-source inverter technology – Lei Wang and Hui Li (#100)



5:08 Politics, Policy Instruments and the Clean Energy Capacity in the American StatesHongtao Yi, Richard Feiock, and Anthony Kassekert (#62)

5:10 The Renewable Energy Footprint: Addressing Cumulative Land Impacts – Uma Outka (#70)

5:12 Holdout: Existence, Information, and Contingent Contracting – Mark Isaac, Sean Collins (#71)

5:14 The State Role in Promoting Energy Sustainability through Land Use, Transportation, and Green Infrastructure Policies – Tim Chapin (#75)

5:16 Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program Analysis – Cali Curley, Diana Saenz, and Abdrew Nieber (#81)

5:18 Impacts of State Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency PoliciesTed Kury (#119)


Solar Resources

5:20 Energetic and Exergetic Analysis to Supercritcal Rankine Cycles for Low-Grade Heat Conversion – Huijuan Chen, D. Yogi Goswami, Muhammad Rahman, and Elias Stefanakos (#35)

5:22 Simplified Methodology for Designing of Parabolic Trough Solar Power Plants – Ricardo Vasquez Padilla, Gokmen Demirkaya, D. Yogi Goswami, Elias L. Stefanakos, and Muhammad M. Rahman (#59)

5:24 Lipid Vesicles as Model Membranes in Solar Photocatalytic Disinfection Studies – Kofi Dalrymple, Wainella Isaacs, Elias Stefanakos, Maya Trotz, and Yogi Goswami (#76)

5:26 Solar and Waste Heat Desalination of Water by Membrane Distillation – Ifegwu Eziyi (#78)


Solar Test Facilities

5:28 Solution and Support Facility for Photovoltaic Research, Innovation, Manufacturing & Development at UCF’s Florida Solar Energy Center – Nicoleta Hickman and Bob Reedy (#16)

5:30 Enhanced and Expanded Solar Testing Capabilities – Joe Walters, Stephen Barkaszi, and Jim Roland (#32)

5:32 A Cost Effective Solar SimulatorJonathan Pandolfini (#79)

5:34 High Flux Solar Simulator for the Investigation of Solar Thermochemical Cycles at Low PressuresBen Erickson and Joerg Petrasch (#96)


Wind Energy

5:36 Offshore Wind Power Potential around Florida – Cristina Collier, Shawn Smith, Mark Powell, Steve Cocke, and Mark Bourassa (#30)