2009 Summit

2009 Poster Presentations

Research Laboratories and Facilities Development
D. Block
Concentrating Solar Power Program
C. Cromer, R. Reedy
Energy Sustainable Florida Communities
R. Feiock, I. Aurirac, T. Kassedert
Promoting Energy Sustainability through Land Use, Transportation, and Green Infrastructure Policies
T. Chapin, I. Audirac
Design and Implementation of Low Cost Pyrheliometer
M. Gnos, B. Greksa, A.Krothapalli
ESC Advanced Solar Simulator
J. Pandolfini, B. Greska, A. Krothapalli
Flooding Detection in Microjet PEM Fuel Cell
A. Badaru, B. Greska, A. Krothapalli
Dual Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasification for H2 Production
J. Dascomb
Design of a Spiral Tube Bubble Column Photobioreactor
Q. Straub, T. Tracy, J.C. Ordonez
Multi-Objective Optimization of Power Plants to Reduce Operating Costs
G.S. Dulikravich
Impact on a Microgrid of Increased Market Penetration of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
B. Hacker, S. Azongha, C. Edrington
Energy Delivery Infrastructure
A. Domijan, A. Islam
Effect of Cluster Size on CO Absorption and Dissociation on Cobalt Catalysts: DFT Studies using Cluster Models
N. Balakrishnan, V.R. Bethanabotla, B. Joseph
Device simulation of ZnO/CdS/CIGS/Mo solar cell using Medici
Y. Hu, G. Bosman, T. Anderson
Energy Efficient Technologies and the Zero Energy Home Learning Center
S. Russell, Y. Goswami, M. Rodriguez
Metal/Support Interaction Effects in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Significance of Catalyst Preparation
S.A.Z. Gardezi, B. Joseph, J.T. Wolan
Preparing the Technical Workforce to Meet Florida’s 21st Century Needs
M. Barger, R.Gilbert
Cobalt Nanoparticles on Surface Modified SiO2 Colloids for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
B.D. Mankidy, V.K. Gupta
Effect of Transition Metal Oxide Interlayer on the Performance of Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell
J. Subbiah, F. So
Combined Cooling, Heat, Power, and Biofuel from Biomass and Solid Waste
W.L. Lear, J.N. Chung
Development of High Throughput CIGS Manufacturing Process
N. Dhere
PV Power Generation Using Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles as Energy Storage
J. Shen, I. Batarseh, N. Kutkut
Wave Power Generation
Z. Qu, K. Lin
Clean Drinking Water using Advanced Solar Energy Technologies
J. Klausner, F. Alnaimant
Water-use Efficiency and Feedstock Composition of Candidate Bioenergy Grasses in Florida
L. Sollenberger, J.E. Erickson, J.M.B. Vendramini, R.A. Gilbert, L.O. Ingram, J.R. Fedenko, Z.R. Helsen, K. Woodward
High Rate Chemical Vapor Deposition of Cu(In,Ga)Se2
C.P. Muzzillo; T.J. Anderson
Nanostructured Chevrel Phase for Magnesium Battery Cathodes
R.Scheffler, W. Sigmund
Aluminum Secondary Battery: Battery of the Future
A. Biswas, W.M. Sigmund
Green Networks: New Results and Next Steps to Benefit Florida
K. Christensen
Database Infrastructure for Integrative Carbon Science Research
S. Grunwald, T. Martin, G.M. Basques, B. Hoover, C.A. Gonzales, R. Bracho-Garriloo, H. Beck
Fabrication of CIS Solar Cells using Nanoparticle-based Processing Technique
R. Krishnan, U.Farva, J. Young, A. Payzant, T. Anderson, C. Park
Solid State Phase Transformation of Cadmium Selenide Nanoparticles upon Thermal Annealing
R. Krishnan, U. Farva, N.T.N. Troung, T.J. Anderson, C.H. Park
Indium Gallium Nitride Solar Cell Device Simulations
D. Wood, J. Mangum, T. Anderson, G. Bosman
An Experimental Investigation of Economic Incentives in Environmental Conservation, Sustainability, and Renewable Energy
S. Pevnitskaya, D. Ryvkin
Public and Private Solutions to the Hold-Out Problem in Infrastructure Land Acquisition
S.M. Collins, R.M. Isaac
Impact on a Microgrid of Increased Market Penetration of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
S. Bhandaru, D. Hodges, V. Palekis, D. Shen, E. Stefanakos, and C. Ferekides
Communicating Energy Efficiency through Public Service Announcements
A. Opel, L. Arpan, P. Steinberg
Development of Metal-Insulator-Metal Diode-Based Un-cooled Terahertz Detector
I-T. Wu, K. Son, J. Wang