FESC Expertise

The consortium has considerable energy-related expertise and competitively funded research. The Consortium’s research focuses on those energy areas most relevant to Florida. Specifically, the FESC research agenda addresses energy generation from our two most abundant renewable resources (biomass and solar), carbon-free electric power generation (nuclear power, carbon sequestration), tapping the energy available from the ocean along our long and populated coastline, reducing consumption through energy conservation, and defining more efficient load management and energy storage systems.image00217

By collecting the best research expertise in the SUS, competitive funding requests to federal agencies, national and global foundations, and industry can be made. The FESC office facilitates proposal development in a variety of ways beyond solicitation awareness, including identifying leaders, communicating with external partners in industry, national labs and other non-SUS universities, providing professional technical writing help, arranging telecons, and assisting with cost share development, budgets and boiler plates.

FESC welcomes partners outside of Florida to respond to nationwide calls such as the Energy Innovation HUBS proposed by Secretary Chu. The consortium expertise in the areas of algal biofuels, energy efficiency, and solar to fuels can be viewed by clicking the sub menu buttons. The expertise in other areas will also be posted.

Please contact Canan Balaban at cbalaban@ufl.edu for potential partnership opportunities.