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Mud Power

They specialize in modular power sources for long-term marine andestuarine deployments. They use microbial fuel cells and are located in St. Petersburg, FL.

1050 W NASA Blvd, Suite 103
Melbourne, FL 32901

Aims to provide clean drinking water and renewable power using the power of ocean waves.



Hydro-Electric Farms
7278 Lake Dr
Fort Myers, FL 33908


Hydro-Electric Farms is a marine based hydrokinetic power companywith the technology capable of harnessing the power of both warm and cold water ocean currents to provide clean, green, and constant electricity to the adjacent mainland. This technology, patent pending, can harness more energy at lower flow speeds than existing turbines, opening up significant opportunities for marine electric power generation around the world.

hydroelectric farms

Ocean Renewable Power Co, LLC
4529 Rosemere Rd
Tampa, FL 33609

Develops river/oceanic power systems and projects. More environmentally friendly than dams, ORPC’s power systems produce clean, predictable energy. ORPC is operating the first grid-connected, commercial tidal energy project in the U.S. and all of the Americas.

Safrema Energy, LLC
6771 W Professional Pkwy
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34240

International Corporation and organizations around the world who are exploring ways to exploit the abundance in energy availability offered by the oceans. Their team fulfills the necessary requirements on know-how and implementation in making the turbine project a real and tangible solution for oceanic renewable energy.