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American Cement Company, LLC
4750 E C 470, P.O. Box 445
Sumterville, FL 33585
American Cement Company, LLC is employing the latest in technological advancements in it’s manufacturing process so that they may deliver to their customers the highest quality cement on the market. It begins with their raw material grinding system designed with four independently controlled grinding rolls that allow them to target the exact fineness needed to produce a product called raw mix. The raw mix can then be burned efficiently and repeatedly to an exact specifications.


Chown Consulting Services
215 W College Ave., Suite 603
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Chown Consulting Services (CCS) provides a wide range of consulting, evaluation, and technical support services for individuals, business, government, and other entities. CCS utilizes consultant partners and affiliates with expertise in a variety of areas necessary to provide contracted consultant services to meet individual needs of each client.
Eclipse Energy Systems, Inc.
2345 Anvil St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
For over 18 years, Eclipse has been providing customized optical coating solutions for select customers that include: band block, band pass and edge filters, beam splitters, hot and cold mirrors, antireflective coatings, transparent electrical conductors for ITO replacement, and UV/VIS/IR switchable electrochromic systems. Eclipse technology has been on satellites, the International Space Station (ISS) as well as numerous terrestrial platforms. They have a strong scientific and engineering staff dedicated to high quality products and customer satisfaction.
Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, Inc.
2900 72nd St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Committed to providing quality enzymes and biochemical products with an emphasis on service, value and customer satisfaction. They pride themselves in striving to respond to your scientific needs with a sense of urgency and timeliness. Life Sciences has expanded their product line to meet the demands of the medical, scientific and research communities.
Microbial Defense Systems, LLC
404 Bostwick Circle
St. Augustine, FL 23092
MDS is a research and development company devoted to developing technologies that solve currently unsolved health and household problems. They develop, license, and manufacture cleaning solutions for the eradication of bacteria in all forms, including resistant forms.
Newgate Technologies, Inc.
10255 General Dr., Suite A10
Orlando, FL 32824
An innovative market leader specializing in Industrial Compressed Air Treatment Equipment founded in the new millennium, NewGate combines Global Sourcing with Unmatched Customer Service to bring extraordinary value to their customers and distributors globally.
12151  Research Pkwy, Suite 150
Orlando, FL 32826
Based in Orlando, Florida, they manufacture micro dispensing pumps and micro dispensing systems. nScrypt’s SmartPumpTM provides a significant edge in speed and precision over other micro dispense pump technologies. nScrypt focuses on research and manufacturing areas of 3D printing, direct printing, and micro dispensing. They emphasize enabling a vast array of micro dispensing technologies for the electronics, solar cell metallization, life sciences, and chemical/pharmaceutical industries through precision material manipulation, mixing, and processing.

Tai-Yang Research Company (TYRC)
2031 E Paul Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32310
Dedicated to the development of military, space and commercial applications of high temperature superconductor (HTS) materials. They perform early stage, high risk, design and development of devices and systems where high temperature superconductors are an enabling technology.


United States


1300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22209
They are a major space and defense contractor specializing in missile and space propulsion, and defense and armaments. Established since 1942, the company has led the way in the development of crucial technology and products that have kept America strong and furthered human’s exploration of space.



Clariant Life Science
9250 Baymeadows Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32256
A Fast-growing, high margin, innovation-driven, especially by environmental demands – these are Clariant’s chosen markets. In each, they aim to add exceptional value through clever chemistry and partnership with customers. They emphasize in the following areas: consumer care, industrial applications, plastics and coatings, energy, resources and biotech.

Draper Laboratory
555 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
The prominent Massachusetts research institute, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, established its Tampa Bay facilities in partnership with the University of South Florida (USF) to specialize in the development of microelectronics and multichip module technology. Currently, their lab is working on a project with USF to produce a “brain-on-a-chip.” Once developed, the miniature device will serve as a realistic model of brain tissue and could even replicate interactions between the brain and the body’s vascular system. Draper’s “brain-on-a-chip” could eventually be used to study the effects of stroke, concussions and other brain injuries. Draper Laboratory also applies it’s expertise to areas such as autonomous air, land, sea and space systems, information integration, distributed sensors and networks, biomedical engineering, Microelectromechanical systems, and energy system modeling and management.

4411 Bee Ridge Rd. #344
Sarasota, FL 34233
Eco-$mart, Inc. was founded in 1993, in Sarasota, Florida, inspired by the creation of the Florida House Learning Center, a green living demonstration project jointly developed by Sarasota County Cooperative Extension service and the nonprofit Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development (I4SD). Eco-$mart’s mission is to bridge the gap between understanding and applying sustainable development principals.Eco-$mart, Inc. provides a number of services to facilitate sustainable living. We act as a distribution source for “green” construction materials, and offer free consultations to home owners, building owners, architects, developers and contractors. The nonprofit I4SD provides guidance regarding selection of these sustainable construction systems.
General Motors, LLC.
At the new General Motors, they are passionate about designing, building and selling the world’s best vehicles. This vision unites them as a team each and every day and is the hallmark of our customer-driven culture. Their areas of business extend from the automotive industry to quality and safety, the environment and education.
404 Enterprise Dr.
Lewis Center, OH 43035
Nexceris is rapidly transforming from primarily an R&D company to a product delivery company.  This transition continues through the growth of our commercial solid oxide fuel cell materials and advanced gas sensor product lines, and through our product pipeline which includes a range of catalyst and corrosion protection products.  To meet demand for our quality products, we continue to grow our manufacturing capacity here in the USA and deliver to our global customer base.  We work closely with our customers to ensure that we provide the highest possible value to meet their needs.  Our active R&D pipeline is focused on cutting edge energy and environmental technologies.  We strive to find unique protected technology and product positions, as well as value added relationships with strategic partners.  We seek the brightest and most passionate people to solve challenging problems and to help us grow our business.
Plum Creek
Plum Creek is one of the largest landowners in the nation and the most geographically diverse, with approximately 6.4 million acres in major timber producing regions of the United States. We continually assess the value of the trees growing on our lands, the value of the natural resources (rocks, sand, minerals, oil and gas) that reside beneath the surface, and the value of the land itself. Our job, as stewards of these assets, is to maximize the value of each of them.The company produces lumber, plywood and medium density fiberboard (MDF) in our wood products manufacturing facilities in the Northwest. Plum Creek also operates a real estate development business which is a taxable REIT subsidiary. Plum Creek employs more than 1,200 people across 19 states.
Real-Time Laboratories, Inc.
They are a compact entrepreneurial organization with the ability to quickly respond to changes in technical and operational requirements to effectively support customer requirements from design to prototyping and on into production. Recognized as a defense contractor, RTL has passed numerous audits of financial capability, accounting and operational systems by DCAA and their customers. RTL is constantly reviewing and updating their policies and methods to insure that they remain at the forefront of technical and operational capabilities.
Rush Truck Centers
If you’re going green, make Rush Truck, Bus, Leasing, Refuse or Towing your next stop. They are your green experts – your resource for hybrids, CNG, LNG and propane heavy- and medium-duty trucks and buses from manufacturers including Peterbilt, International and Blue Bird. They offer a range of aftermarket anti-idling and retrofit technology system, along with installation.
Saddle Creek Logistics Services
For more than 40 years, this family-owned company has provided outstanding service for all their customers – manufacturers, distributors, retailers and online merchants. They will find a way to customize third-party logistics solutions to meet your toughest business challenges.





Bae Systems, Inc.
A global defense, aerospace and security company with a wide-ranging products and services that cover air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology, and support services. Their main focus is to be the strength global provider of defense and security products to shape support services that meet the changing needs of their customers. From sophisticated cyber services and military support, to mission critical electronic systems and protection equipment, they aim to be at the forefront of defense technology and science.

Industrial Nanotech Inc
We fund and  participate in research with the world’s brightest scientists and leading laboratories. It’s not just talk and it’s not just theory…it’s amazing technologies.

No one can afford to ignore the dramatic developments that nanotechnology is producing in materials and the manner in which materials are designed and manufactured.  We provide sustainable solutions to challenging problems that result in competitive marketplace opportunities and advantages.


They are an independent, not-for-profit organization that performs contract research for government and industry. Founded in 1944, MRIGlobal has built a reputation for innovation, technical excellence, and problem solving.

An entrepreneurship company that for more than three decades, has cultivated a team-oriented culture based on shared values and shared rewards. They succeed only when their entrepreneurs succeed.

NXP Semiconductors USA, Inc.
NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and Digital Processing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications. A global semiconductor company with operations in more than 25 countries, NXP posted revenue of $4.2 billion in 2011.

SRI International
SRI International is an independent non-profit research institute conducting client-sponsored research and development for government, industry, foundations, and other organizations. They work in a multitude of areas, including, biofuels, energy and sustainability, and renewable energy.