Eclipse Energy Systems, Inc.
2345 Anvil St N, St. Petersburg, FL
For over 18 years, Eclipse has been providing customized optical coating solutions for select customers that include: band block, band pass and edge filters, beam splitters, hot and cold mirrors, antireflective coatings, transparent electrical conductors for ITO replacement, and UV/VIS/IR switchable electrochromic systems. Eclipse technology has been on satellites, the International Space Station (ISS) as well as numerous terrestrial platforms. They have a strong scientific and engineering staff dedicated to high quality products and customer satisfaction.
4411 Bee Ridge Rd. Sarasota, FL
Eco-$mart was founded in 1993, in Sarasota, Florida, inspired by the creation of the Florida House Learning Center, a green living demonstration project jointly developed by Sarasota County Cooperative Extension service and the nonprofit Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development (, to which Eco-$mart has donated many materials. Eco-$mart’s mission is to bridge the gap between understanding and applying sustainable development principals.
INI Worldwide
INI funds and participate in research with scientists and leading laboratories. They provide sustainable solutions to challenging problems that result in competitive marketplace opportunities and advantages.
Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, Inc.
2900 72nd St N, St. Petersburg, FL
Committed to providing quality enzymes and biochemical products with an emphasis on service, value and customer satisfaction. They pride themselves in striving to respond to your scientific needs with a sense of urgency and timeliness. Life Sciences has expanded their product line to meet the demands of the medical, scientific and research communities.
Newgate Technologies, Inc.
10255 General Dr., Orlando, FL
NewGate Technologies’ new Synergy Series is the new standard in compressed air dryers. The Synergy is a 4-in-1 integrated compressed air treatment system that combines a high-efficient after-cooler and the refrigerated dryer in one unit, making it the most compact of all High-Inlet-Temperature compressed air dryers on the market
12151 Research Pkwy, Orlando, FL
Based in Orlando, Florida, they manufacture micro dispensing pumps and micro dispensing systems. nScrypt’s SmartPumpTM provides a significant edge in speed and precision over other micro dispense pump technologies. nScrypt focuses on research and manufacturing areas of 3D printing, direct printing, and micro dispensing. They emphasize enabling a vast array of micro dispensing technologies for the electronics, solar cell metallization, life sciences, and chemical/pharmaceutical industries through precision material manipulation, mixing, and processing.
Real-Time Laboratories, Inc.
Boca Raton FL
RTL supports its customers in: Development, Prototyping, Full Scale Production, Logistic Support, Organizational and Depot Level Maintenance and Refurbishment of our products. Their team has experience in the design of systems for the rigorous necessities of military applications, successfully addressing such challenges as: integration into platforms, high reliability, severe endurance requirements, harsh environmental conditions, and electromagnetic compatibility requirements. They also have experience in ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified Quality Assurance System.
SRI International
SRI International is an independent non-profit research institute conducting client-sponsored research and development for government, industry, foundations, and other organizations. They work in a multitude of areas, including, biofuels, energy and sustainability, and renewable energy.