Waste To Energy

Freedom Energy

PO Box 560, Oakland FL

Over 25 years experience in waste to fuel production. Freedom Energy designs, engineers, manufactures, operates and finances proven turnkey systems for all your waste processing needs. The dedicated team of executives and engineers are experts in the processing of municipal solid waste into predictable clean fuel.

New River Solid Waste Association

24276 NE 157th St., Raiford, FL

New River Solid Waste Association is a publicly owned waste facility formed as an association of 3 member counties. We serve citizens of Baker, Bradford and Union Counties in Florida and accept contracted waste from out-of-region locations. Since 1992, we have provided outstanding waste management services that are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Organic Matters, Inc.

Bartow, FL

Through innovative organic recycling practices, Organic Matters Inc, has emerged as a pioneer in the creation of renewable resources. Processes that convert custom blend organic and food waste feed stocks into high quality livestock feed, servicing the dairy cattle, beef cattle and poultry industries. In addition to being a major supplier / manufacturer of cost efficient, high quality, alternative livestock feed, Organic Matters Inc. are also a premier supplier of poultry layer manure and specialty organic soil products.

Trash to Cash Energy, Inc.

Tampa, FL

Catalytic production of renewable feedstock to energy is at the heart of the company’s interest. Tri-reforming is a novel approach to synthesis gas generation which is much more energy efficient than traditional partial oxidation routes. Trash 2 Cash-Energy has successfully synthesized and patented novel catalysts which can generate the proper inlet gas feed ratio to the Fischer-Tropsch process.

Harvest Power

South Service Lane, Bay Lake FL

Harvest exists to create a more sustainable future by helping communities better manage and beneficially re-use their organic waste. Harvest’s vision is to find the highest and best use for the 500 million tons of organic materials produced in North America each year, including the construction of Superpowered biomass energy based power plants. The company operates facilities in the Mid-Atlantic and West Coast of the US, and in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. The company has a management team with deep experience in composting, renewable energy, supply chain management, engineering, law and finance.