Water Purification

AquaFiber Technologies Corporation

4750 New Broad St., Orlando, FL

Restores surface waters impacted by high nutrient loads or other pollutants. They generate large volumes of biomass daily that has co-product value as bioenergy feedstock. They have the ability to provide at a commercial scale.

Aqua Utilities Florida, Inc.

1201 Hays St., Tallahassee, FL

They provide water and wastewater services to approximately 3 million people.

Coffman Systems, Inc.

300 Stevens Ave., Oldsmar, FL

They design and manufacture water and wastewater treatment systems.

Dais Analytic Corp

11552 Prosperous Dr., Odessa, FL

Uses nanotechnology to create eco-friendly heating and cooling products. They also are innovating cost-effective and energy-efficient methods for both water purification and energy storage solutions.

Ferrate Treatment Tech, LLC

6432 Pine Castle Blvd Suite, Orlando, FL

Invents, develops, and commercializes innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies based on its proprietary iron chemistry platform.