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Adams, C UF US DEP AGR Economics of Harmful Algae Bloom Literature Review
Altpeter, F UF US DOE Engineering Hydrocarbon Biosynthesis and Storage Together with Increased Photosynthetic Efficency into Saccharinae
Bohn, K K UF


Woody Biomass Harvesting in Northwest Florida
Chase, C D UF HIGHLANDS ETHANOL DNA Fingerprinting of Pennisetum Purpureum Biomass Cultivars
Chung, Jacob UF Hinkley Center for Solid Waste Research A Continued Research of High-Temperature Steam Gasification of Agricultural and Municipal Solid Waste
Ergas, Sarina USF Fulbright Fellowship Examining the Use of Algal Photobioreactor Production Systems for the Dual Purpose of Bioremediation and Biofuel Production under Different Climatic Conditions (for 1-year study at the Life Sciences University, Oslo Norway)
Ergas, Sarina USF


Green Aviation Fuels from Microalgae, Collaboration (with NASA Glenn Research Center.)

Erickson John

Lynn Sollenberger

Maria Silveira

Lonnie Ingram

UF USDA-AFRI Sustainable Bioenergy Research – Land Use Change Direct Effects of Converting Conventional Agroecosystems to Bioenergy Cropping Systems on Carbon,Water and Nutrient Cycling in the Southeastern U.S.A.
Fletcher, R J UF US DEPT OF AG Evaluating the Sustainability of Bioenergy Production in the Southeast on the Basis of Wildlife and Pollinator Responses
Li, Y UF US DOE Bio-Diesel Cellulosic Ethanol Research Project
Maupin, J A UF US DOE Identification of Proteasome Substrates of the Haloarchaeon Halferax Volcanii
Peter Gary UF DOE Commercial Production of Terpene Biofuels in Pine
Peter Gary, Matias Kirst UF USDA Advanced Pine Breeding through Association Genetics and Biotechnology
Peter Gary, Matias Kirst UF USDA/DOE Mechanism of Carbon Partitioning Regulation by cpg13 in the Bioenergy Woody Crop Populus
Peter Gary, Tim Martin UF USDA Integrating Research, Education and Extension for Enhancing Southern Pine Climate Change
Raissi, Ali UCF/FSEC Florida Solar Energy Center A Combined Gasification Fischer-Tropsch Reactor for Liquid Fuel Production being developed at FSEC
Raissi, Ali UCF/FSEC arris Corporation/GCSD Division Analysis and Interpretation of the HARRIS Hydrocarbon Upgrading Project
Rockwood, D L UF FL FORESTRY ASSOC. Demonstration of Fast Growing Trees Bioenergy Farms in Florida for Mosiac – Phase 3
Shukla, S UF WATER MGMT DISTRICTS Water Use of Two Biofuel Crops In Southwest Florida
Vermerris, W UF US DEPT OF AG Improved Bioenergy Sorghums for the Southeastern US
Vermerris, W UF US DEPT OF AG Improved Bioenergy Sorghums for the Southeastern US

Vermerris, W

Wang, J

Preston, James F.

UF US DEPT OF AG Next-Generation Sweet Sorghums – Sustainable Production of Feedstocks for Fuels, Chemicals And Value-Added Products
Weaver, J F UF US DOE Discovering the Desirable Alleles to the Lignocellulosic Biomass Traits in Saccharum Germplasm Collections for . . .
Ziegler, K J UF US AIR FORCE Integrated Nondestructive Spatial and Chemical Analysis of Lignocellulosic Materials During Pretreatment and Bioconv…