Funding Source

Project Title

Chasar, David UCF/FSEC US DOE Building Energy Model Development for Retrofit Homes
Chasar, David UCF/FSEC Atlantic Housing Partners Task 1: Energy Analysis and Performance Testing of Multifamily Dwellings
Colon, Carlos UCF/FSEC Florida Natural Gas Association Side by side Testing of High Efficiency Condensate Natural Gas and Hybrid Solar Hot Water Heating

Fairey, Philip

Vieira, Robin

UCF/FSEC US DOE Building America Partnership for Improved Residential Construction
Issa, R R UF DEPT OF BUSINESS & PROF REGUL Energy Conservation Features of New Homes in Florida 2012-2013

Jamison, M A

Jones, P H

UF FL PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservaion Act
McIlvaine, Janet UCF/FSEC US DOE Partnership for High Performance Homes
Middelkoop, T UF NEW HOPE POWER CO. An Energy Audit of Florida Crystals Co-Gen FACII
Moghaddam, S UF US DOE Absorption Water Heater Development Project
Morgan, K T UF FL DEPT OF AG AND CONSUMER SER Enhanced Agricultural Irrigation Water Conservation Tools for Use with Mobile Communication Devices
Parker, Danny UCF/FSEC US DOE Technical Assistance to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with the Home Energy Saver Software
Raustad, Richard UCF/FSEC Florida Solar Energy Center Advanced HVAC Performance Test Facility
Raustad, Richard UCF/FSEC US DOE Technical Topic 2.1: Modeling Variable Refrigerant Flow Heat Pump and Heat Recovery Equipment
Sherwin, John UCF/FSEC US DOE Technical Subtopic 4.1: Improving Best Air Conditioner Technology by 20-30% through a High Efficiency Fan and Diffuser Stage Coupled with an Evaporative Condenser Pre-Cooler
Shi, J J UF US DOE Energy Efficient Housing Research Partnerships – Field Data Supporting Retrolift Analytical Research
Yang, Y UF US DOE STTR:Phase I:Enhanced Spectral Efficiency through Adaptive Utilization of Fragmented Spectrum