Faculty University Source/Agency Title
Melko, J UNF American Chemical Society Mechanistic Details of Iron Based Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts: Ion Trap Experiments on Model Active Sites
Mcelwee-White L UF NSF Collaborative Research: Designing Organometallic Precursors Precursorselectron Beam Induced Deposition Of Metal Nanostru
Mcelwee-White L UF NSF Collaborative Research: Photolytic CVD Processes For Thermally Sensitive Substrates
Mcelwee-White L UF NSF GOALI: CVD of Metal Oxides For Optoelectronic Applications
Weaver J F UF US DOE Oxidation Chemistry On Pd And Pd-Pt Oxide Surfaces
Weaver J F UF NSF Oxidation Chemistry On Transition-Metal Doped Rare Earth Oxide Surfaces: Factors Determining Selectivity For The….