Energy Policy

FESC – Policy Related Centers


Center for Governmental Responsibility (CGR)

CGR has been a mainstay for environmental and social policy research at the UF College of Law since 1972. CGR provides a unique opportunity to conduct research with staff attorneys on issues of state, national and international importance. Their research has led to the enactment of environmental policy relating to the Everglades and other environmentally sensitive areas, as well as to Florida’s Growth Management Act. The Center has grown to cover a wide variety of major projects, policies and programs, with an annual budget in the millions of dollars. The Center’s staff now includes 11 research and teaching faculty, and four support personnel.

Center for Environmental Policy

The Center for Environmental Policy (CEP) was established in 1991 by Dr. Howard Odum. The Center emphasizes scientific, technologic, economic, legal, political, and social dimensions of environmental policy and management. The Center’s mission is to develop methods of planning, designing, and quantitatively measuring sustainable patterns of human and ecological systems. CEP conducts research, teaching, and service that addresses the interface of energy, ecology and economics. Through its communications and outreach program, the CEP provides a forum for exchange of information and increased understanding of the major environmental issues of our time.

Public Utility Research Center (PURC)

PURC provides international training and strategic research in public utility regulation, market rules, and infrastructure management in the energy, telecommunications, and water industries. Its outreach activities support the expanded deployment and efficient delivery of telecommunications, energy and water/wastewater services, including the achievement of environmental objectives.

Public Policy Research Center (PPRC)

The principal goal of the Robert F. Lanzillotti Public Policy Research Center is to foster high-quality, independent research that ultimately improves the design of sound, effective public policy in Florida and elsewhere. The insights developed through creative, objective public policy research can have immediate impacts on current policy makers, and can also help to better train future generations of business and policy leaders. PPRC focuses its research in energy regulation & other regulatory policy, antitrust, education, the environment, health care, international trade, and tax policy.