Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Photovoltaics (PV) is a technology related to the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic cells (solar cells) are semi-conductor cells which, when exposed to sunlight, convert sunlight into an electrical current.


Solar thermal collectors harness solar energy from sun for thermal energy (heat). Solar thermal collectors can be categorized by the temperature at which they deliver heat:

  • Low temperature collectors: Used to heat swimming pools.
  • Medium temperature collectors: Used to create hot water for residential and commercial use.
  • High temperature collectors: They often utilize mirrors curved in a parabolic shape to concentrate sunlight and used for absorption cooling or electricity generation.


Pioneering research, combining energy efficient building technology and rooftop solar electricity generation, led to the construction of super energy efficient residences in Florida that are saving more than 90 percent in energy use, compared to conventional homes.


Forty-five schools in the state of Florida have received photovoltaic systems (1 or 2-kilowatt (kW) demonstration system or a 10-kW emergency shelter PV system.) They are equipped with data monitoring systems for student study, and teacher and student curricula assist teachers in implementing student projects in renewable energy.