US Energy Facts

How is energy used?

There are four major sectors that consume energy at the point of end use.

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1. The industrial sector includes facilities and equipment used for
manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and construction.

2. The transportation sector comprises vehicles that transport
people or goods, such as: cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, trains,
subways, aircraft, boats, barges,and even hot air balloons.

3. The residential sector consists of homes and apartments.

4. The commercial sector includes buildings such as offices, malls,
stores,schools, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, restaurants, places of
worship, etc.

In 2012, energy produced in the United States provided about 83% of the nation’s energy needs. The remainder of our energy was supplied mainly by imports of petroleum.

The three major fossil fuels – petroleum, natural gas, and coal – account for most of the nation’s energy production. The breakout of total U.S. energy production in 2012 was:

  • Natural gas – 31%
  • Coal – 26%
  • Petroleum (crude oil and natural gas plant liquids) – 21%
  • Renewable energy – 11%
  • Nuclear electric power – 10%

The following figure shows US Energy Consumption by Energy Source for 2011

Energy Consumption by Energy Source 2011




Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)