FESC Expertise

UF Energy Expertise

The University of Florida (UF) has strong programs in basic and applied clean energy research. Over 100 faculty members are engaged in research ranging from energy efficiency, power generation, distribution, security to nuclear energy. In FY 2020, UF energy faculty were awarded over $9M in competitive federal and state funding. Total awards are over $100 million during the last 5 years in partnership with industry and other organizations. Detailed report is hyperlinked to University of Florida Energy Expertise.

During FY 2019, over 50 Patents issued, 60 Patents and 70 Invention Disclosures filed in areas supporting clean energy. UF has 6 energy spin off companies: NanoPhotonica, Inc., RedOx Power Systems, LLC.,Integrated Solar Technologies Inc., SensorComm Technologies, Inc., Molekule Inc., RedoxBlox Inc.

Noteworthy mentions: With 90 Green Building certifications, UF prides itself as having more green building certifications than any other public higher education institution. UF Transportation Institute (UFTI) houses McTrans, the largest transportation dissemination center in the world, and the Florida Transportation Technology Transfer Center, which provides training and technical assistance to professionals around the country and internationally. UF is one of four academic institutions in US to have a High Flux solar simulator designed to test high temperature thermal receivers and thermochemical reactors under realistic conditions.

UF energy research focus areas are:

  • Energy Efficiency in Built Environment and in Manufacturing
    • Building Construction
    • Combined Heat and Power
    • Energy Assessment
  • Diversified Power Source and Delivery
    • Biomass and Solid Waste Resources
    • Solar / Photovoltaics
    • Solar Fuels / Hydrogen
    • Nuclear Energy
  • Smart Grid/Grid Security and Energy Storage
  • Moving Towards all Electric Transportation
  • Quantum Materials
  • Climate Change
  • Policy and Economics
  • Overarching Education / Workforce Development
  • Other Areas