2017 FESC/Polytech Conference

Renewable Energy Systems and Sustainability Conference

July 31- August 01, 2017
Organized by Florida Polytechnic University and FESC

Location: Florida Polytechnic University,
4700 Research Way, Lakeland, FL 33805 Lakeland, FL

This Renewable Energy Systems and Sustainability Conference aimed to foster knowledge, research breakthroughs, education and work force development on the subject areas. This conference hosting was part of Florida Polytech’s Educational and curriculum Development grant funded by FESC.

The conference had 130 attendees from industry, government organizations, and FESC universities. Students participated via 47 poster presentations and the attendees voted for the best poster. The best poster award was given to Poster #21: Physico-chemical Characterization of Polk County Landfill Leachate authored by Jephte Douyon, Ecieno Carmona, Scott Wallen, Aaron Medley, Sesha Srinivasan. Please see their certificate below.

This conference is sponsored by

Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute


AIR Monitor



Applied Sciences (an open access journal)

Conference Program

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Best Poster/Paper Award

Poster 21: Physico-chemical Characterization of Polk County Landfill Leachate
Authors: Jephte Douyon, Ecieno Carmona, Scott Wallen, Aaron Medley, Sesha Srinivasan



Monday July 31, 2017

09:00-10:00 On-site Registration (IST South Lobby)
10:00-10:15 Welcome & Opening Remarks – Room: Aula Magna, 1000
David Norton, Director, FESC, VP for Research, University of Florida
Sesha Srinivasan, Assistant Professor, FL Polytechnic University
10:15-11:00 Opening Plenary Session – Room: Aula Magna, 1000
Session Chair: David Norton, Director, FESC; VP Research, UF

Garrett Nilsen, Technology to Market Program Manager, US DOE SunShot Initiatives
“Looking to the Sky – Solar Power Today and Tomorrow”
11:00-11:10 Group Photo at IST South Entrance Staircase
11:10-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-12:00 Keynote Session I – Room: Aula Magna, 1000
Session Chair: Yogi Goswami, Director, CERC, USF

Thomas L. Hernandez, Senior VP for Strategy and Renewable Power, Tampa Electric/TECO Energy
“Generating ReNEWablePossibilities”
12:00-01:00 Lunch-Informal Round Table Discussion – Room: Saddle Creek Logistics Commons
01:00-02:00 Keynote Session II – Room: Aula Magna, 1000
Session Chair: Brian Birky, Director, FIPR, Florida Polytech

Gabriel Alsenas, Director, FAU Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center
Pioneering a Blue Energy Future
Subrata Bandyophadyay, Senior Manager, Environmental-Minerals, The Mosaic Company
“Sustainability at Mosaic”
02:00-04:00 Breakout Session I – Room: Breakout classrooms


Session Chair: John Kuhn, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, USF

Laura Belicka, Senior Scientist, Algenol Biotech.
“Algae-Based Biofuel Production in the Algenol Direct to Ethanol® Process”
John Kuhn, University of South Florida
“Processingof Gaseous Waste Streams to Renewable Fuels and Chemicals”
Ian Small, University of Florida
Brassica Carinata: A Biofuel Feedstock Ready for Takeoff
William Eggers, CEP, CWB, PWS, VP Science & Technology, AquaFiber Technologies Corporation
“An Effective and Sustainable Regional Surface Water Remediation and Biomass Production Process”
Wilfred Vermerris, University of Florida
“Integrated Bioprocessing of Sorghum for the Sustainable Production of Renewable Fuels and Chemicals”

Solar Energy/Smart Grid/Energy Storage

Session Chair: Paul Brooker, Associate Professor, FSEC, UCF

Ngwe Zin, University of Central Florida
“Evaluation of Double-sided Pyramidal Texture for IBC Solar Cells”
Paul Brooker, Florida Solar Energy Center
“Peak Shaving Applications Using EVs”
Zhihua Qu, University of Central Florida
“Distributed Control and Optimization for High-Penetration Distribution Networks”
Rick Meeker, Nhu Energy
“Advance Control Increases the Value of Distributed Energy Resources”
Mike Aller, CAPE & Energy Florida
Powering the Future from Florida – Combined Heat and Power Smart Grid and the CAPE

Energy Efficiency/Sustainability

Session Chair: Nicoleta Hickman, Associate Professor, Physics, Florida Polytech

Tim Franta, Energy Florida
“Unique Energy Technology Partnership at NASA Kennedy Space Center – The Test HUB”
Eric Martin, Florida Solar Energy Center
“Smart Mechanical Ventilation Approaches for Improved Comfort, Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality in Homes”
Manny Garcia, Carrollwood Pools Inc
The System Approach to Designing a Low Velocity Circulating System
Richard C. Feiock, Florida State University
Politics, Messaging, and Energy Conservation Behavior of Municipal Utility Customers” (Not Presented)
Nicoleta Sorloica-Hickman, Florida Polytechnic University
“Building a Net Zero Energy Campus and Culture at Florida Polytechnic University”

Education/Workforce Development

Session Chair: Mohammad Rashid, Professor, Electrical Eng., Florida Polytech

Zhihua Qu, University of Central Florida
“FEEDER, A Distributed Technology Education/Research Center”
Juan Ordonez, Florida State University
“An Off Grid Zero Emission Building as a Connecting Block in Sustainable Energy Conversion Course”
Mohammad Rashid, Florida Polytechnic University
“Teaching a fully on-line Renewable Energy Course”
Niroumand Hamed, University of Florida
“A Systematic Review on Green Architecture and Educational Environments” (Not Presented)
David Bruderly, Bruderly Engineering Associates, Jacksonville, FL
So Climate Chaos is a Hoax?
03:30-04:20 Coffee Break
04:20-05:00 Formal Round Table Discussions – Room: Breakout classrooms
Biomass/Biofuel (Moderator: Laura Belicka, Algenol; Recorder: Melba Horton, Florida Polytech)
Solar Energy/Smart Grid/Energy Storage (Moderator: Paul Brooker, FSEC, UCF)
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (Moderator: Eric Martin, FSEC; Scott Wallen, Florida Polytech)
Education and Workforce Development (Juan Ordonez, FSU)
05:00-06:00 Student’s Poster Session– Room: IST South Entrance Lobby, 1st Floor
06:00 Dinner on your own

Tuesday August 01, 2017

07:30-08:30 Continental Breakfast & Networking
08:30-9:10 Round Table Reports (10 min each) – Room: Aula Magna
Solar Energy/Smart Grid/Energy Storage
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
Education and Workforce Development (Moderator’s report presentation)
09:10-09:30 Coffee Break
09:30-11:30 Breakout Session II – Room: Breakout classrooms


Session Chair, Melba Horton, Assistant Professor, Biology, Florida Polytech

Fredy Altpter, University of Florida
“Targeted Mutagenesis or Precision Nucleotide Substitution in the Complex Sugarcane Genome”
Brett Bailey, President and CEO IVHCOand Global Clean Diesel
“Bio Fueled Vehicles for Sustainable Global Clean Transportation”
Melba Horton, FL Polytechnic University
PowerUp a Sustainable Future with Algae
Steven Weil, CEO, Pure Algae Growth Systems
“Pure Algae Growth Systems: A novel Technology for Large Scale Algae Feedstock Production”
Donald Rockwood, University of Florida
“Fast Growing Trees for Bioenergy”

Solar Energy/Smart Grid/Energy Storage

Session Chair: Yogi Goswami, Director, CERC, USF

Yogi Goswami, University of South Florida
“New and Emerging Developments in Solar Energy”
Rick Meeker, Nhu Energy Inc.
“The Florida Alliance for Advancing Solar and Storage Technologies Readiness”
Nicoleta Hickman, Florida Polytechnic University
“Fabrication of Graphene Nanoflake Highly Conductive Inks” (Not Presented)
Mohammad Rashid, Florida Polytechnic University
“Power Electronics Applications in Renewable Energy”
Jaspreet Dhau, FL Polytechnic University
“Encapsulated Phase Change Materials for High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage”

Energy Efficiency/Sustainability

Session Chair: Charles Whithers, FSEC, UCF

Jason M. Mickel, Southwest Florida Water Management District
“Creative Partnerships for Sustainable Water Supply Solution”
Charles Withers Jr, Florida Solar Energy Center
“Evaluating Moisture Control of Variable Capacity Heat Pumps in Mechanically Ventilated, Energy Efficient Homes”
David Keys, CEP, Owner, Enviro-Limit
“Why We Need Energy Analyses in the NEPA Process” (Not Presented)
Richard Blair, University of Central Florida
“Defect-laden 2D Materials for Enhanced Mechanocatalysis”
Juan Ordonez, Florida State University
“A Thermodynamic Perspective on Energy Efficiency”

Education/Workforce Development

Session Chair: Brian Birky, Director of FIPR, Florida Polytech

Sesha Srinivasan, Ryan Integlia, Jaspreet Dhau, Florida Polytechnic University
“Renewable Energy Systems and Sustainability Education and Curriculum Development”
Ramona Madhosingh-Hector, University of Florida/IFAS Extension
Building Sustainable Connections through Film Series
Scott Wallen, Florida Polytechnic University
“Circular Economy Paradigm for Sustainable Redesign of Introductory Laboratories”
Sesha Srinivasan, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India
“International Course Curriculum and Development on Green Chemistry, Engineering and Technologies”
11:30-12:00 Closing Plenary Session – Room: Aula Magna, 1000
Session Chair: Canan “Janan” Balaban, Associate Director, FESC, UF

Kelley Burk, Director, Office of Energy, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
“Florida Office of Energy Projects”
12:00 Thanks and Adjourn