2009 Summit

2009 Session Presentations

Keynote Address: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Challenges and Opportunities
Sam Baldwin, Chief Technology Officer and Member, Board of Directors, Office of the Secretary, U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Overview of Florida’s Energy Needs and Opportunities
Florida Recovery & Reinvestment Act: Florida’s ARRA Energy Funding Strategy
James F. Murley, Chairman, Florida Energy and Climate Commission

Electric Utility Regulation, Energy Needs, and Emerging Issues
Mark Futrell, Office of Strategic Analysis and Governmental Affairs, Florida Public Service Commission

Overview of FESC Strategies and Programs
Tim Anderson, Director, FESC (coming soon)

Poster Overviews (coming soon)

Oral Session I

Early Adoption of Sustainable Energy Innovations by Florida Local Governments
R. Feiock, T. Kassekert


Thin Film Photovoltaic Module Processing Laboratory
D. Morel, C. Ferekides, E. Stafanakos

Potential for Geologic Carbon Sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers in Florida
T. Roberts-Ashby, R. Owen, M. Thomas, M. Trotz, J. Cunningham, M. Stewart

Oral Session II

Clean Drinking Water using Advanced Solar Energy Technologies
E. Stefanakos, Y. Goswami, M. Trotz, M. Batzill, USF

Energy Efficient Building Technologies and Zero Energy Homes
R. Vieira, P. Fairey, J. Sonne

Optimizing Traffic Signal Timings to Reduce Fuel Consumption, Green House Gases, and Vehicular Emissions
A. Stevanovic

PV Manufacturing Database and Florida Applications
David Block, UCF Florida Solar Energy Center

Energy Policy and the Environment: Challenges and Opportunities
Ted Kury (UF PURC) and Julie Harrington (FSU CEFA)

PV Energy Conversion and System Integration
N. Kutkut, J. Shen, I. Batarseh, Z. Qu, X. Wu, W. Mikhael, L. Chow

Overview Presentations

Ocean Energy – Challenges and Opportunities
Camille Coley, FAU

FESC and the Future in Energy
James Fenton, UCF/FSEC